Principles Easily Held

Posted: September 22, 2013 in creative writing, Everyday Life

I’m really not sure if I have any principles or not. I sway very slowly to the latest common thought. Oh, I would like to think that I will “stand by my principles” as the going gets rough but frankly I don’t know if I can or not. I guess it depends on what you judge as “rough”. I have lived through many situations that seemed rough at the time but compared to troubles others have had, mine hardly seem mentionable. When things are going favorably, it is easy to say you will stick to your beliefs.
Oh I do OK standing up against the local government offices, like the treasurer’s office, county assessor’s and city council when I have any challenges or problems with car tags, property taxes or how they are managing the local airport. But let’s face it, these offices are not usually headed by the swiftest of personalities. But how would I do against the experts like Castro, Assad, Hessian or Dick Cheney?
I did survive the 8 GW Bush years but again lets face it, hardly a test. He fooled me once then didn’t shame me twice…er…. fooling me… ahhh twice…….Oh fuck it! you know what I mean! hardly a test. Tough times for us liberals but I didn’t let down my principles. My family and I may have been the only people in Central Kansas speaking out against war and the threats to our civil liberties in the Patriot Act. But here again, we were all well employed, had a roof over all of our families’ heads and we weren’t missing any meals. So was it a rough and tough test?
 But we did come out of those years with the same principles. We didn’t let the BASTARDS get us down but we were set back a few years in our plans, pensions and future perspectives.
I don’t know what made me think of this today, probably the headlines of Washington DC, Syria, Kenya, Somalia or maybe the dumb asses threatening to shutdown the economy. I wrote my congressman this week, did anyone else?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    ((Sigh)) I write daily to everyone I think might listen. They send back form letters explaining what their political platforms are…and thank you for writing. Very frustrating times. But we cannot stand idlly by while the well being of thousands of people is so ruthlessly undermined. Soon enough, I’m afraid, we will have to take to the streets.

    How challenging it must be to live in the midst of such a politically oppressive environment. I remember how it feels to march against the current. I hope you have many likeminded friends to turn to for support.



    • We have found few of like mind here, society in a small Kansas town can expose a very cold shoulder if you are thought different or are not socially placed in the proper pigeon hole when you first move into the community. Retirement can come none too soon for us here and we will be moving on. It is always such a breath of fresh air to come across some one to discuss these things with. I have a story about the day I met Governor Sibelius (D) here and the short conversation we had, I’ll just say I put a smile on her face. But what is happening in Congress is very serious for the poor, old and underprivileged. And we are counting on Senators and Rep from other states such as yours to represent our views, we feel we have none here.


  2. It ain’t easy being someone with a political conscience these days, that’s for sure.


  3. Yes, and I think it is hard for both parties, Dems because they want so much to discuss issues but they can’t get a conversation going and hard for Reps because many want to discuss issues but somehow the party line discourages it and they feel they can’t. The biggest stalemate as I’ve ever seen.


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