500 Vine Street

Posted: September 25, 2013 in creative writing, Everyday Life
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I’m not particularly in search of God Almighty.
I feel that being spiritual is more the quest for questions
than it is a quest for answers.
If it is a scientific thing, a firm answer may be found.
If it is a spiritual thing, the answer may be no more than mist
and if we find it as fact, is it spiritual any longer?
The world is round and the planets do orbit the Sun
What if we found God living down the block at 500 Vine Street?
Would he still be an inspiration to us?
If we passed his house each day and he was sitting in his favorite chair on the porch admiring his creations
would we be so amazed?
Would you still pray to credit God for good fortune or
for the courage to survive your hard times?
Or would you just go down to 500 Vine Street and
sit on the porch with him for a while and thank him in person?
Soon wouldn’t you just be passing by and only giving him
a tip of the hat or a shallow curtsy?
No, I am not searching for God or His answers any longer.
It is much more interesting and perhaps more spiritual to search for more questions of the Universe.
Why do bugs have 6 legs?
Why are wheels round?
Why is a thought just a thought?
Where is God?
I know… He’s at 500 Vine Street
If He was there,
it wouldn’t be long before people would be asking,
Is he really at 500 Vine Street?
An answer takes so much explaining
A question can be so short no matter how complicated the answer.
And the Universe never runs out…….
without questions, how empty the void would be.


  1. Great post! 🙂
    It reflects something…some place…I’ve been for a few years now.
    I always have too many questions…I’ve been like that my whole life…I was the little girl people said “Go find something to do and quit bothering me with your questions” to. 🙂
    In the past six or seven years I’ve made a spiritual shift.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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