Fall, Concerts and Pullovers

Posted: September 29, 2013 in creative writing, Everyday Life
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I hope Mother Nature is welcoming us to the first Sunday of the season of fall. This morning it is 45 F. We must be careful here, we must not upset Her. Fall is the predecessor to what may be a comfortable or miserable winter, it may depend on our behavior, I don’t know. So let’s be cautious and just play nice with each other between now and December and not anger Her. As it has been said before, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”. So for goodness sake, quit calling margarine, butter! If you recognize this quote, you are close to my age.

I’m losing my hearing. Hours behind noisy aircraft engines and extremely good John Mellencamp and John Fogerty concerts have taken their toll. For years, while flying, I have always worn a headset but there have been a few hours when I wore none, I’m paying for them now.  The concerts, who wants to wear earplugs at a rock concert? You want to not only hear the music you want to feel it too. And I always want seats up close, at least within the first 6 rows. Mellencamp did it, from the giant speakers above stage right, “Pink Houses” rattled my skull, sinuses and inner ear. I felt the music, it was so good, but it hurt. When you are listening to something and it is so loud that it hurts your ears , I suggest you cover them with whatever you have handy, like hands, fingers, Kleenex, gumdrops, Crayolas, whatever you can find to fit in there. But cover your ears with something!

On another blog, I am writing about taking time out to smell the roses. In my work, I travel many miles between assignments. I have large fuel tanks on my vehicle and my bladder can be described as larger than a basketball (not really, –  just a figure of speech). I can travel hundreds of miles without stopping. I see many unusual or just plain interesting things during my travels. I have decided that I must take time out for the spontaneous “pullover”. That is, if I see something pullover worthy, I must make the snap decision to pullover and take the picture, read the plaque or buy something from the fruit stand and talk to the locals. So far I have captured a great sunrise and photographed a small herd of scrap metal horses in Oklahoma. And I have only been pulling over for a couple days.

Have you seen anything “pullover worthy”?


Morning-Sun-300x184 wildHorses WildThreeHorses

  1. Ha! I recognize that quote! 😀 How about “Where the beef?!” and “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” I think that was about speecy spicy meatballs or something!? 😛
    As a mom and teacher I would say, “Don’t put anything in your ears!” 😉 Once a kid in my daughter’s 3rd grade class put a bean in his ear. His teacher didn’t know it…his mother found out later…too much later and the kid had to have surgery and had hearing loss. Wowza.
    Ah, man, the two Johns! I listen to both of them sing on my computer while I work! 🙂
    I am a great traveling companion…but I’d probably make you stop more often than you wish…for potty breaks and for looking at stuff like the biggest ball of twine, foil statues, and animals grazing on the sides of the road! 🙂
    Love this post! You write the best posts! and you said several things here that made me laugh out loud! 😀
    HUGS!!! continued happy safe pull-over travels to you! And if you get pulled over…try flirting! It’s worked for me! 😉


    • Flirting may not be a very good idea for me. LOL ! Unless of course, the patrolman was a patrolette. But I think I’d rather not take any chances and just pay the fine. lol! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed this, I will definitely pull over at the next ball of twine. Just a few months ago in Missouri, I passed the world’s largest pecan. I guess another missed opportunity.. 😦 .


  2. YAY!!! I nominated you for the Leibster Award…check my site for details! 🙂 If you want to participate, please do! If you don’t, I’ll understand! HUGS!!! 🙂


    • Here are the answer s to your questions, I don’t know how to do the linking and nominating stuff.

      1. Who has had the most positive influence in your life and why?

      Sky King, he flew a twin engine 310 Cessna and had a great looking daughter that, from afar, was one of my first loves at the age of 7.

      2. What words best describe you?

      Humble, positive, perfect specimen of a man, liar.

      3. What is one of your favorite songs and why?

      “Wish you were here”, Great lyrics and I’m inspired to buy and learn to play an acoustical guitar each time that I hear it.

      4. Who was your favorite teacher and why?

      Mr. Pease, History and Government teacher, cool guy and he knew how to relate and talk at the teenage level, made us feel good about ourselves.

      5. What is your favorite book and why?

      “Grapes of Wrath” – Why? Steinbeck wrote it, shouldn’t have to say more, but I know that family, the book played a big part in forming my social and political principles.

      6. What is one of your bestest-favorite-good memories?

      First time I had real sex, but I was taught, as a gentleman, to not discuss matters of the heart in public.

      7. What is the weirdest or funniest thing you’ve been caught doing?

      Balancing a man standing on my shoulders on top of a round courthouse dome, 200 hundred feet in the air, (Really did this when I really was a fine specimen of a man in 1976)

      8. If you could have a relationship with a cartoon character…who would it be and why?

      Pogo the Possum, “We have met the enemy and they are us”. Let’s just say we think alike and would be great friends, (used to be a popular comic strip,, look him up.) no sexual attraction what so ever. I would go to him for intellectual advice. The possum is my Totem animal.

      9. After your death, how would you like people to remember you?

      He was good.

      10. What color underpants are you wearing right now?

      White bikinis with Red Valentines, in the mirror they look marvelous. :$


      • Thanks for sharing your answers to the questions! I enjoyed reading them! Woot woo on #10!!! Wow on #7! Your #6 would make a good blog post! 😉 Oh…but, wait…this is public, eh. 😀 I loved hearing about your fav song, book and teacher! Music, books, and teachers have had a huge impact in my life! 🙂 I will have to look up Sky King and Pogo Possum…don’t know about them.
        HUGS!!! 🙂


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