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Posted: October 12, 2013 in creative writing, Everyday Life
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Well, I know that to be called official, a spontaneous “pullover” can not be planned. But I have been waiting to see just one roadside “Fruit Stand” since I decided to pullover more on my travels. Fruit stands are an essential of life anywhere in the world. We have to have them, not only for the availability of fresh produce, but what would James Bond, Smokey and The Bandit or Hawaii Five-0 chase scenes be without them. So I’ve been waiting for just one to open someplace that I travel this fall. I assumed the Pumpkin season would spark a few rural entrepreneurs to the roadside or busier intersection. Finally at a crossroads in the Fox and Sac Nation of Oklahoma, just where I expected, a family team settled in as locally grown and open for business. The man, wife and young 6 or 7 year old, (the parents said 6, the boy said about 7, so he is 7), were extremely camera shy and vacated the shot of the cellphone camera each scene. Never the less, I did get a few shots of their various pumpkin produce.


Notice the empty chairs. They modestly asked not to be photographed.  (Oh, in the back ground you may see another vendor. A knife dealer, he had very large knives for sale which I was uninterested but understandably very respectful).

Many of the pumpkins were of an interesting French variety.

I was attracted to the flat, greenish orange ones, unsuitable for my taste in jack-o-lantern but I think great for a fall or Thanksgiving center piece.


I liked these little fellows also.


Stackable flat ones and some white minis. Very reasonable prices I think.

You may be wondering why my sudden burst of spontaneous pullovers. But you must first understand just what kind of motivation it takes for me to take even just a few minutes from travel time between work site, motel or home to stop, look, take a picture and talk. 15 minutes means 15 minutes late, 15 more pounds of cargo to find space for in the front seat and most importantly 15 miles less close to home.  My overwhelming case of  “get-home-itis” is very hard to overcome. I am trying to learn to just slow down a bit and appreciate so many things that in the past I have passed up and traded for what I liked to think or judged to be important business. I think that at this time in my life the important business is perhaps just in the traveling there and what you do on the way.


My produce safely home.

Such is the life of John.

  1. dmwlewis says:

    Loving the photos. Just had a semi-failed pumpkin carving adventure myself.


  2. I always enjoy stopping at roadside produce stands– you never know what you’ll find, or who you’ll meet !!!


  3. I love your pumpkins!
    Pumpkins make me happy!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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