Two Turtles Found Dead in Oklahoma

Posted: October 19, 2013 in creative writing, Everyday Life
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We have already had snow here in central Kansas yesterday. Most is gone now and I hope this isn’t an indication of what we are in for the rest of the year. As many of you know, I am not an enthusiast of winter and what accompanies it.

I have had no spontaneous urges to pullover and smell the roses this week. I have seen three skunks, two armadillos, one cat and two box turtles on the roadway. Sadly, all in various stages of flatness and truly non-photoworthy. I will skip the details, but I caused none of their demise.  So no pullover tales today.

Spent another few nights in Stillwater, OK. Most of the fellows I work with were too far from home to justify the plane ticket for the weekend, they had to change motels, not only motels but cities. The OSU homecoming is this weekend and all motel rooms in town were booked in advance for this. So my Canadian friends moved out to Tulsa, hopefully they got rooms there. They asked me what “Homecoming” was. I explained it to the best of my ability and knowledge but one nerd to another, I’m afraid I may have failed miserably. ( How would you explain it? ) They have no such occasions in connection with hockey or Lacrosse  in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Homecoming is definitely an American football tradition.

I think my Congressman has stopped accepting my E-mails. My name is spam to his congressional mailbox evidently. I am very proud of this. I hope I haven’t been put on an airline watch list but I do see many lost luggage claims in the future. All of my correspondence have been respectful but I may have gone too far in my last letter calling his party affiliation “your ignorant Tea Party”.

Such is the life of John

  1. Poor turtles (smiles). Love that your congressional corrospondences have some kind of relationship with roadkill. HA. Hey, the Wisconsin state police told me not to send any more rolls of duct tape or they would prosecute. Seems they have no appreciation of the metaphor. These are interesting times we live in, for sure. The cusp of enlightenment – or the beginning of the end of society as we have known it. And as angry as I get at the insensitive arrogance of the extreme right, part of me is also grateful that they are forcing the political/social left to not just talk, but to walk the walk, as well.



    • I think this week showed the Far Right’s hand and as you say, showed how empty it truly is. I believe if we keep them talking, what they say will not set well with most that hear them. Classic failed strategy on their part, thank goodness!
      Great hearing from you S!


  2. Wow! You’ve seen a lot of cool things on the roadways! (I post a pic of something I saw as I was walking and stopped to look! :-))
    Sad about the turtles! 😦 I hate seeing things like that. 😦
    Yes, “Homecoming” would be difficult to explain!
    Wow on your congressman not accepting your e-mails. 😦 I think you (we all) have the right to express ourselves!
    Ha…on the “lost luggage” though. 😀 if it happens it WILL be the gov’t’s fault! 😉 😀
    Wow on the snow already! I hope Winter doesn’t show up too soon here!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    • I am waiting to get a picture of a live armadillo. I’m not sure that anyone has ever seen one alive.

      I’m really not sure where the term homecoming comes from. :/

      Yes, it is all a conspiracy, of course. 🙂 But I have had some serious disagreements with our U.S. Congressman. 😦 Let’s just say that he and I have one or two conflicting beliefs that cannot be brought into harmony. 😦 😀


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