Of Life and Wolves

Posted: November 12, 2013 in creative writing, free verse, poetry
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  • Life

    Riding on fires and flares of exploding stardirt
    Melting into the ice of comets
    orbiting through dark and deep.
    brewed in sunheat,
    Organized by chaos
    Tempered by flame and cold
    Lightly touched by an amino…. I wiggled.



    Oh Moon shine on
    Still the night, shine on
    They, on wild haunches
    They, the wild watch
    Shine on – the Moon.

    They think, they watch,
    They wonder.
    Oh Moon shine on,
    They howl.


    1. Wow! I love your poems! These are so visual and conjure up vivid images in my mind! I can feel the “action” in the first one! And the second one is about two of my favorite things…the moon and wolves!
      GREAT writing!!!
      HUGS!!! 🙂


      • Very glad you enjoyed these, both are among my favorites. The moon always provides good subject matter and I love to use the first one, “Life”, just to get under the hide of the “Creationists”. Thanks for the comments, I look forward to them! 🙂


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