Like Yesterday

Posted: November 25, 2013 in creative writing, Everyday Life, free verse
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I remember the year like it was yesterday. 1967 was rainy, windy, hot and had a very cold winter. It was filled with extremes. I got my first driver’s license, first motorcycle and came very close to getting laid during that summer. Ya, it would be fair to say that I liked 1967 from the start. The events of that year made me feel normal, if only for a short while.
I first began to love the movies in 1967. I not only finally got to drive my dates to the movies in the privacy and comfort of my dad’s ’58 President Studebaker but once there, got to see The Graduate, Bonnie and Clyde, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, The Valley of the Dolls, To Sir with Love, In Cold Blood and Cool Hand Luke. Hell, that year, if movies were wine, they would now be selling for 3 thousand dollars a bottle. It was a very good year for picture shows.
Then, on those slightly chilly summer nights, top off the date by climbing on the Yamaha bike and feeling behind me the bare legs and heated presence of my date’s tightness and warmth snuggled up against the small of my back. That’s the year I learned what motorcycle riding and high passenger foot rests were all about. A good year indeed.
We listened to Whiter Shade of Pale, All You Need is Love, I’m A Believer, Light My Fire and Strawberry Fields Forever. And heard about an album being released by a little known group named Pink Floyd. And we still had two years to go to reach 1969.
Remembering the old days is good, but when you get to feeling that the remembrances are of no value to others… you should move on. 1967, the year I learned how to breathe, how to live, and yes,….. how to move on.

Such was the life of John

  1. What an important year in your life! And what great memories you have of that year! 🙂
    What you said…”The events of that year made me feel normal, if only for a short while.” Wow. I have some memories of feeling that way…but only for a short while, too.


  2. ahhhh… that 58 President sounds nice. 🙂


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