Father Image

Posted: December 4, 2013 in creative writing, Everyday Life, flash fiction, Uncategorized
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Gerald Watswigger rose from his chair, adjusted and buttoned his pants and buckled his loosened belt. With shirttail eschew, glasses poorly aligned,  sock footed he walked to the kitchen. It was only one hour after dinner but he had to satisfy his overwhelming craving for “something sweet”. He stood leaning, staring into the cool open door of the refrigerator.

For the last few years, Wiggs had let himself go and he was just beginning to realize it. He knew something had to be done. His tightened leather belt was on the last notch and the buckle was seldom seen these days from under his extending “pot belly”. He now had metamorphosed into what he remembered as his father. The same strong over six-foot physique but carrying the family trait of swollen gut. He thought he looked as young as ever but catching a glimpse of the old man in the mirror brought him down to the reality that the years, careless eating and drinking and hard work were chiseling him into the form of someone he had sworn he would never let appear.

He was deciding to face it, he looked and felt like shit. He knew he needed exercise. It had been four years since the treadmill in the basement had been turned on. The electronic odometer/speedometer/calorie counter no longer worked. The battery having been removed but never replaced and the model number of the nickel size disc long forgotten. “Hell with it.” the pain in his chest would subside as it always did and he would feel more like doing it tomorrow.



  1. I love reading your Gerald Watswigger stories!
    As for THE END of this story…When is his funeral?


  2. No, I don’t think there will ever be a funeral for Wiggs. That would seem to make his story so final. I’m afraid the poor guy is caught in an infinite loop of deaths of whatever methods I can dream up. I’m glad you enjoy reading about him. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better!


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