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Posted: December 15, 2013 in Everyday Life, free verse, poetry
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Feeling bad…
I’ll tell ya feeling bad….
wake up without a dime to your name
Or a bed to call your own
No place to clean up, your clothes or your face

I’ll show ya feeling bad…..
Just need a job …
work your ass off
for a day of poor wages ….
But no chance of making it better

Hell no…no chance of makin’ it better..
with worn out clothes and shoes…
the only livin thing that talks at ya and smiles
is a dog that’s only lookin for a meal
and a box as warm as yours

follow me today….
I’ll show ya feeling bad…
all that I own in a shoppin’ bag,
a pair of socks and a book..
a book to read to feel I’m still alive

Don’t read no Bible to me
For now I’m alive without it…..
I’ll listen for the soup but the soup is thin,
as thin as the platitudes it’s made from
and the stench of your Holy speak

say your words ….
give your sour looks…
when you leave look back.
yeah..I’ll still be here feeling bad …
yeah.. follow me today

follow me today…
like the shadows behind me
talkin’ in my ear so loud,
shoutin’ my name,
tellin’ me to keep movin’ or die..

yeah….follow me today….

Tuesday December 14, 2010

December 11, 2013
I spent a couple days working in a downtown area this week. The temps were below freezing. It doesn’t matter what city, in most that I travel to I see the same thing. It’s not changed much since I wrote this three years ago.

  1. Amazing poem! Thank you for sharing this!
    Winter is a tough time for the homeless. 😦
    I’ve gotten to know a few homeless people in California…and they’ve taught me a lot about life and friendship. I should post about them sometime.
    When my youngest was in college, one night a week she and some of her friends took hot meals to the homeless in downtown Denver. Also, they saved up and bought blankets and took them to the homeless in the Fall.
    Christmas to me is all about helping children, the homeless, the elderly, so I get involved in volunteer projects every year in December. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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