92 Nights

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Everyday Life, Humor
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92 nights, that’s the total for last year, the total nights in a motel. Spending many days a year traveling I have time to think of unusual things. Eventually the unusual becomes usual.

I try not to eat at too many fast-food restaurants. The food is predictably mediocre, high in calories and the coffee is usually bad. And nothing says cheap any quicker than a handful of fast food receipts stapled to the expense report. I have the best luck picking a real sit down restaurant for good coffee, good food and good service. The three “G”s or as I’ve begun to call it, the CF&S, Coffee, Food and Service. But the CF&S scale Coffee Timebecomes meaningless if the place is a dive, dirty and diseased, the 3D’s or the DDDs. You don’t eat there! You may enter but as soon as you recognize it you should very quietly and slowly back out and leave. But some times you recognize it too late and only after you have sat down.

You may first notice a triple D from the subtle “thumb in the water-glass”, “egg on the fork” or “lipstick on the coffee cup”. Which brings me to a lesson I have learned and I want to pass on. After my last lipstick event, I began thinking the unusual. The lipstick was on the side of the cup as it would have been if held by the right hand. I read once that only 8% of the population are left-handed. So even if the cup doesn’t have lipstick on it, it makes sense that if you are in doubt of the cleanliness of a CF&S, (which I wonder at all restaurants) simply drink it left-handed. There is a 92% chance that no one has ever drank from that side of the brim before. Matter of fact, to be safe, you should drink your coffee left-handed all of the time. I do.

If you are not left-handed already, holding a cup lefty quickly becomes quite natural. As natural as not using the public restroom door handle after you wash your hands or not using the chair armrests at the movie theater. In my circle of friends “the left-handed coffee cup” has become as common as the anti-bacterial soap and sneezing into your elbow.

Voila! There really is the left handed coffee cup. Once again the unusual could become the usual.

Such is the life of John

  1. I am an ambidextrous coffee drinker, so to my estimation I still have about 48% chance of mouthing a cup where someone else has… Thanks for that visual. LOL


  2. Good advice! 🙂
    Triple D…EW!!! :-O (shocky face!) Not the kind of restaurants Guy Fieri rates! 😉
    Wow! 92 nights in a hotel! You should do a post/review on Motels From Hell and gross us all out again! 😀 Snort! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. Okay, I have to ask… Is your blog name taken from Comfortably Numb?


    • So, you recognize Pink Floyd. 🙂 That is a great song isn’t it.. 🙂


      • I recognized it the moment I saw your name. My momma raised me up right! 🙂

        And I have had Comfortably Numb in my head for a couple days now and had to ask.


        • A young woman on Xanga blogged that she was having her first child and the hospital told her she could have any music she wanted played during the delivery. She was asking for suggestions for songs. I commented to her to start with “Comfortably Numb” then play “Wish You were here” and then in the moments after delivery play “Mother”. lol. She was pretty young, I’m not sure she knew Pink Floyd or understood but I sure got a kick out of making the suggestions. lol .


        • Awesome! I have listened to Pink Floyd my entire life. There isn’t much I won’t listen to though. My daughter asked me not too long ago how I managed to know the lyrics to every song that comes on the radio no matter the genre. Lyrics just stick in my head.

          Although I would think you had to have many people mention your blog name. It’s not as though Pink Floyd is an obscure band.


        • No, only a few have mentioned it. It usually takes a long time before they bring it up. You recognized it much quicker than anyone. I’ve used the name on and off for over four years now but I’ve only been here on WP a few months.


        • Now I feel special! 😉


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