Posted: February 26, 2014 in Everyday Life, free verse, poetry
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I was told by my friend Carl about the Sleepyman
The long legged Sleepyman, 2 AM slumber preacher
Wide awake provider of the thousands of fence jumping sheep
Planter of sequential thought patterns and soother of unpleasant dreams
He works nights, the 11 to 7 shift
When we feel the urge to toss and turn he’s the guy prodding us
He’s where the blankets and sheets go when we feel too hot or cold
The guy that messes up our hair and imprints wrinkles in our face
He laughs as he works but not too loud.
The Sleepyman, Shhhh! I think I see his shadow.



Midnight Swims

Ever have a fly land in your bowl of cereal?
The damn thing floats
Paddles his little feet around
scrubbing his back
flippin’ his wings, actin’ a fool
having a hell of a good time
No idea that he may sink
He doesn’t care that he’s drowning
he is in the land of milk and honey nuts
The little bastard would be cute if he wasn’t ruining my mid-night knack
Here! get yourself out of there!
Hop on this spoon.
You little widget!


  1. Ha! Great poems!!! 😀
    Both of them made me laugh!

    I’ve met the Sleepyman! He IS a rascal!

    And that fly has been not only in my cereal…he’s been in my soup, too! And once his little feet touch my food I can’t eat. All I can think about is where his little feet have been! Pooh! Ooh! :-O

    It’s nice that you want to save his little fly-butt. 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂


    • Sleepyman is a rascal!
      Absolutely don’t want flies in my food. After he recovers from the near drowning, there’s a good chance he will be swatted properly if he doesn’t run for the hills.
      Thanks for liking these Carolyn! Glad they made you laugh.


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