A Shallow Sole

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Everyday Life, free verse

How do we measure a person?
Do we use a scale and yardstick
Do we use the clothes that they wear
The cowboy hat , the cowboy boots
The hard hat and the steel toed boots
Are they a want-a-be or do they climb from their clothes
after a hard day’s work
Do they push the weak or the serious?
Do they discount what they see and just accept
How do we measure a person?
Why do we measure a person?
Do we add the length or speed of their car to their height
Does their knowledge add or subtract from their weight
Does their height or their weight subtract from their knowledge
How do we know without knowing them
Who says we want to know them
Who says we need to know them
Does it take a yardstick to measure shallow water
Does it take a lot of knowledge to measure a shallow sole.


  1. Good poem!
    An interesting thing to ponder.
    Some great questions to ponder.
    Now I am pondering.
    I appreciate my bestest friends who factor love and forgiveness into the mix when dealing with me. 🙂
    HUGS and ♥ !!! 🙂
    PS…There you go! Making me think again! 😉


  2. Very interesting muse. 🙂


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