Spring Break, Really

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Everyday Life

shadow05-3030-068Spring break. Every few years I take a break like this. My yearnings begin by noticing that the Sun is rising closer and closer to the east each morning. Or I realize that it is setting more squarely to the west. We humans tend to do things in straight lines and squarely you know. Our city streets and blocks are sectioned neatly east to west and north to south. Everything gets lined up neatly in a row. Our homes, our parking lots, our crops, flags, soldiers and grave stones. We like this, I think we need this order. Scatter a dozen marbles or pop cans and it won’t be long before someone will come along and line them up in a neat little row. Everything in order, everything neatly aligned, we must have it, this symmetry.

Is there any wonder why we should take notice when the Earth, our Mother Earth , aligns correctly with the Sun? Of course. Equal darkness and light, the Sun perfectly east and west, shining squarely down our streets and casting perfectly aligned shadows from our buildings, trees, and Washington Monuments, everything is in order.

This year I will look at the flocks of geese passing over head and notice their perfect V’s made from the chaos of their many gatherings. I’ll notice the first emerging dandelions and wildflowers and wonder of their perfectly aligned and symmetrical petals and realize they grow randomly through the greening grass but in their randomness they look like they belong. I’ll look for order from this chaos this year.

Order from chaos, everything from our planets, our geese, our flowers and down to our smallest molecules need to be aligned. We’ll think of this the next time we obediently and neatly fall in line to get our movie tickets or checking out at the grocery store. When we come together, we form lines. First day of Spring, our ultimate alignment event of them all. We should notice it.

Today is the change of seasons. Spring! I’m taking a couple days off just to celebrate it this year. It has been an unusual winter, this 2014. I need to take a breath and settle a bit. I am going to be as a child and just notice what’s going on around us. I need to notice the returning flocks of birds, the emerging flowers and unwinding buds. I will fill my two days with music, art and observance of the beauty of things and the wonder. I need this. I will notice.


  1. This is such a beautiful, important post!
    YAY for Spring!
    And Yay for your celebration of Spring! I hope you enjoy it immensely, make some wonderful memories, and return to work refreshed and renewed!
    I, too, am celebrating Spring!
    I try to take notice/pay attention to nature, the animals, the heavens, and the people around me EVERY day…but today through this weekend I am taking time to really get out and enjoy some outdoor Spring ‘fest and events!
    The colors of Spring…the new life…the way so many animals and plants return/having survived a tough Winer…it always brings such joy and reminds me that we as human-beans can start anew, find renewal, more than survive, THRIVE and have another chance. 🙂


  2. RYC: You calling me “Wheezer” made me snort-laugh! 😀
    Thanks, Sneezy! 😉
    HUGS and Happy Almost Wheekend!!! 🙂


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