Thinking of Days Off

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Everyday Life


When you don’t sleep well, you have plenty of time to think. Thinking is good. I probably don’t get enough of it. Just like I don’t get enough sleep. It’s a wonderful thing, thinking. Have you ever thought about it? I’m doing it now. I probably should be sleeping.

It is a cloudy, hazy morning. I don’t mind days like this. Things seem to slow down on cloudy, hazy, rainy days. Even if I work in the office, sheltered from the elements, I slow down on days like these. I think it goes back to when I was a kid working through high school. I really didn’t have any time of my own. School all day, worked every afternoon and evening and Saturdays. Summer days were filled , too. I only had my short Sundays. But in a small town nothing much is going on Sundays. But on work days if it rained or was nasty outdoors, I got to work inside or I was given the day off. I still feel that freedom I felt as a 14-year-old boy with a day off. It is the most glorious feeling you can have.

The only thing that compares with a rainy day is waking up on a Sunday and forgetting what day it is. I wake up, roll out of bed ready to start another day of work and then realize it is Sunday, my day off! One of the best feelings in the world! I slam back in bed and then think “Hell no, I’m not going to spend the day sleepin'”. A great feeling, one of the few great feelings you can have by yourself.

Well, today is a Monday. It is cloudy, looks like rain but sadly no one will be telling me to take the day off. So it will be book work day. Not too bad, I’ll be indoors, close to a coffee pot and in a reasonably comfortable chair. I will be watching out the window. If it starts raining, I may find an excuse to leave early.

Yes, I like cloudy, rainy days.



Watching the rain, I recede from the day
And I have paused…
Outdoor plans will wait
Other things will be done today
Simple tasks that have waited for this morning
Human things thought unimportant while skies are clear.
A day that words may be read and written
A time for pacing and patience
Listening for the wind
Watching round ripples on shallow pools.


  1. I love your poem!!! 🙂
    I love rain and Rain-Days! 🙂 Somehow they make me feel so peaceful and good!
    We had rain on Friday and Sat-Day. I enjoyed slowing down and taking some in-time to myself.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Did you find an excuse to leave early?! 🙂


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