Mac and Other Cheese

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Everyday Life

It is graduation month. My oldest Grandson is now officially done with high school.

There was only one graduate that took an on-stage Selfie photo yesterday. I expected more.

I’m getting one if I can! Something new. An office desk with a built-in treadmill. I like working from a high desk standing up. Hope I can pull this off. A treadmill is a logical addition to the office. I’ve been spinning my wheels for years when I’m there, now I will actually be able to measure how far. The next addition will probably be an arrangement of the office cubicles into a puzzling maze. It is a rat race you know.

Just watched a 60 Minutes broadcast about a town in Paraguay that is built on a trash landfill. The residents have nothing. Everyone works picking trash for a living. But one, organized a children’s orchestra with instruments made out of trash. They made guitars, violins, trumpets, the works. The kids worked hard learning to play these put-together instruments and they sound wonderful! They will be touring around Europe I believe. Now tell me your making lemonade from lemons story.

Fleetwood Mac is touring again. With Christine McVie this time. Buy your “On With The Show” tickets in your favorite city here

Prices are outrageous but I have a friend that says he knows a “guy” . We’ll see, but if you have a “guy”, let me know, tickets are ranging from 175 to 780, that’s U.S. dollars.

I may just send the ticket price I can afford to Paraguay and only buy a CD and a 1970’s Stevie Nicks poster. They have new songs to record.  I’d really like to hear them live though.

The recording studio, Sound City in Van Nuys  was shut down in 2011 and the Neve 8028 analog mixing console from studio A has been bought by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and moved to his private recording studio. It’s been said that the console, studio and the sound acoustics for the drums, especially the drums, were the reason for Sound City’s success of more than a hundred certified gold and platinum albums by many different artists, the most successful Fleetwood album  “Fleetwood Mac” among them.  If you have watched the interesting documentary “Sound City” you know all of this.

Back on the road next week. I just have 2 or 3 more trips to Oklahoma and I can wrap it up down there. It’s been a year. When I’m through maybe then I will have the time and inclination to write something new.


  1. Congrats to your oldest grandson! 🙂
    That so cool about the children’s orchestra in that town in Paraguay. It brings joy-tears to my eyes. I pray they get a world tour! 🙂
    I’d like to hear Fleetwood Mac in person…but with tickets at that price, I’d go with send a donation to the children in Paraguay and the CD and the Stevie Nicks poster route. 🙂
    It is cool to hear our fav bands/singers at least one time in our lives, but I’ve seen very few of mine.
    I’d like to see Sound City…I’ll have to see if I can find it to watch.
    That sounds like a cool desk! 🙂
    I hope everything finishes up ok in OK! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I started going to see bands in person a few years ago. Only got horrible seats once. And most are very reasonably priced. But Fleetwood the last time they toured and again now have been outrageously priced. 4 or $500 for just decent seats. As much as I like them, I ain’t payin’ it. I saw Mellencamp and later Bob Dylan a few years ago, all seats were 35 bucks, I would have paid 3 or 4 times that, which is more usual at most venues. I don’t know anybody that I would pay 700 bucks to see, even if Stevie was giving a lap dance. Or at least I would expect one at that price.


      • It’s so cool you saw John and Bob and others!
        I’ve seen a few of my favs in recent years.
        Ha! Stevie giving a lap dance! 😀 If that opportunity presents itself, you best get in line! 😉 😀


  2. PS…love the title to this post.


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