Saturdays, As Time Goes By

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Everyday Life

A day for car washing, lawn mowing, brush cutting (if you are a President), carpet sweeping, clothes washing, movie watching, beer drinking, swing dancing and toenail clipping, but not necessarily in that order, or all at the same time. Saturday. Some have the whole day off, some only the afternoon. But who doesn’t look forward to it. It marks the end of the week. When I was a kid, it was the one day of the week I was sure to have to take a bath. Then I started noticing girls and decided on my own that it was more rewarding to take a quick dip everyday. But Saturday still remains a day to take that little bit of extra time for cleaning, grooming or just sitting on our butt and finally relaxing after a demanding, dirty or emotional week.

We need the time off. Not everyone gets to have that time off on Saturday. Some have their Saturdays on Wednesday or on Sunday and Monday. Some have half days off on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays but work all weekend. I know fellows that work 10-24 hour days on and 7 days off. Try to figure that schedule out. But you can bet that on our free time off, we are all doing about the same thing; cutting and painting toenails, trimming nose hair, shaving legs, getting haircuts and taking that extra long shower or bubble bath. Depending on our gender, of course. It seems our bodies can only go so long before it needs a really thorough cleaning and preventive maintenance and 6 days seems to be the mandatory interval.

What we do on our time off changes as time goes by, meaning when we get older. It’s a constant trade-off. Once we are newly married, the Saturdays we used to spend hunting, fishing or playing sports suddenly turns into married life and we spend the time going shopping, house hunting, long evenings cuddled up on the couch and making mad passionate love. A little advice for you newly weds. Notice, the shopping comes first or you will never finally get to the mad passionate love. But that soon turns into spending the weekends taking the kids to the grandparents, Brownies or Cub Scouts, little league, soccer, lawn mowing and setting up tables and chairs for your wife’s garage sales. Your long showers and baths, get shorter and you actually start looking forward to getting back to your real job on Monday. But you get back to work, compare notes with the other young fathers and you find you are not alone. All the other young dads are spending their Saturdays the same way and you find solace in that. It seems there was about a decade of that, but there is hope.

There finally comes a day when the kids are older and more or less taking care of themselves. Your finances are straightened around enough that the kids college is a surer possibility and you start having a little extra time and cash. Saturdays start picking up again. The wife would just as soon not have you along shopping, you stop having as many garage sales and the teenage kid still at home occasionally is mowing the yard.

Your “fucking like minks and having babies” days are over and you’re approaching the “living happily ever after” phase. You find yourself with free time and money on weekends. You’ve pretty much given up on girls so the showers and baths aren’t the priority they used to be. That’s a waste of time now. You decide you are in a position to do something you’ve always wanted to do on weekends. Some of the guys buy bass boats, new shotguns, jet skis, bigger TV’s, pimped out ’57 Chevys, or the latest in computer systems, which at the time was Apple Mac. They were very expensive at the time. I choose a different hobby, I learned to fly.

I’ll never forget the beautiful fall Saturday morning when I first took off from the Dodge City airport with a young 20 something kid instructing me in the right seat. The air was smooth and cool. There was no one in the pattern but our lone 152 Cessna and we were shooting touch and goes. The city shopping mall was just outside the left downwind of the 32 runway. As the mall’s big JC Penny’s store passed about a thousand feet below, my young newly wed flight instructor says, “Just think, instead of up here enjoying the view and shooting landings, we could be down there right now spending our Saturday morning shopping with our wives”. I didn’t even look down. It was then I realized this young kid teaching me was wise beyond his years. I then knew flying on Saturdays was for me and despite his youth, I had the right fight instructor. True story.


  1. Great advice here! Wish some young people would read your words! 🙂

    How cool that you learned to fly!!! 🙂 And I love hearing about your flight instructor! 🙂 Yes, so wise! 😉

    I love how, as we reach middle-age, often the “expert” in a field looks like they are 12! Ha! 😀 Like the “kids” that are so computer and tech savvy! They often look like babies! 😀

    Yes, Saturdays are a fun day…I love to balance it with chores and fun and friends and rest. 🙂

    Yes, it is wonderful to never quit learning…to take up new skills, hobbies, etc., no matter how old we get! 🙂

    I am a weird female…I do not like to shop. I’d rather be outdoors doing something, anything. Malls have no appeal to me. I go into stores knowing exactly what I need, I get it, and get out as soon as I can! 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂


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