A to Triple D

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Boobs

I was told the other day I needed to lighten up just a little. I was asked “Do you think of anything trivial?”.
Well, here’s a little fun and something lighthearted. Hope you enjoy. 😀



What is the attraction
for the nude distraction
of the A or the triple D Breast

But so much is ignored
at the sight of the gourd
whether by the blog, joker or jest

Much good can be written
but all are so smitten
It’s not read or considered at best

If you want to be read
What comes out of your head
Write Boobs, it will be read, by all of the rest




Cement Ribbons

Following those cement ribbons
the big green signs
Almost hostile here

Out of my way trucker!
you’re too slow
Out of my way Taurus
your blinker’s on.

Pass me will ya ?!
you maniac!
move… move!

No one smiles as we pass
But I love those bare feet on the dashboard!

M&M’s and coffee,
turning up the radio, wishing I was home.

Smile somebody!


  1. Smiling!
    Way to lighten up! 😀
    Ha! These are GREAT poems! 😀
    Boobs can be GREAT fun! 🙂
    And M&M’s…ooh ya’…especially the green M&M’s. 😛
    HUGS!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you C. Boobs are great fun. I like them of all sizes and shapes. And everyone likes to read about and talk about them. 😉 They are a very good conversation starter. I think a man should be able to compliment a woman for a nice set of twins. 🙂

      I for one was very glad when they brought back the green M&M’s, I needed the lift. 😀

      I’m a tiny bit a foot guy and I love seeing bare feet on the dashboards as cars pass me. The girls look so free, relaxed and comfortable, probably on vacation. 😀


  2. Gotta Love THIS !!! 🙂


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