It Begins

Posted: July 9, 2014 in poetry
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Where it begins
the sentence the verse the thought
the hesitant ink
pressing the pen hard to the corner of the page
scribbling to get the letters flowing
The first w the h the e then r and e
Words from stuttered syllables
of rhythm, of near rhyme
a pause here …. a space         a new line
A moan ….. a sentence is spilled
and a thought is born


  1. I love this! And exactly what I need to read this morning. Off to give the puppy – and myself- some much needed exercise. And then to my desk for a few hours of writing. Life is good.

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  2. rushmorejudd says:

    And like birth the thought may have been conceived months ago.

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  3. I love this poem! You captured this beautifully! And I am so glad for those birth-ed thoughts that you share with us! 🙂
    And as the camel said this morning, “Happy Hump Day! One hump or two?!” 😛
    Hmm…I’m sure people wish I’d censor my thoughts…or maybe NOT share them! 😉

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