Working It Man

Posted: July 11, 2014 in creative writing, Everyday Life

I feel that from the time that the earth was no more than a smoking swirling ball of hot mud my course was set.

Oh I do different things each day and make decisions whether to turn right or left eat high fiber low-fat or suck up liters of caffeine rich watered down CO2 induced sirup while deciding to say Hi how are ya brother or just fuck you but my course is set from the time I wake up from my miserable sleep at 3 am until I pull off my shirt pants and socks and crash into the tight sheets of that motel room mattress all the time trying to believe life is comfortable the food is good and I will live forever. A middle class chump working my 10 hours each day pulling together a living trying to impress the man just earning that lucky dollar I wish I could stuff into every birthday card I keep telling myself I will send each year. Just waiting for the day I will take my last breath crap my pants and be carried out feet first just to go up into a blast of white smoke and poured into a brass urn with a screwed on lid. The final screw.
What else do we do?


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  1. I like E, DSS, AND John. I relate to all three. 🙂

    I relate to your words and the emotions behind them, E. And I love the way you wrote this. 🙂

    But, “what else do we do?”…we can brake…ha…take a break from work once in awhile…to smell the flowers, bake cookies, take a walk, create: write, paint, sing a song, chat with friends…ETC…and so on and so forth. 🙂

    It’s not the BIG important stuff in life that matters (even tho’ they usually dominate)…it’s those moments…those moments of fun and respite and joy that make life worth it…so keep working it, man! 😀

    The smokin’ swirlin’ ball of hot mud is a better place with you here! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂 HAPPY Whee-kend!!! 🙂

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  2. Yeah. Well, there it is. There is something (sometimes) to be said for being an artist and relatively poor (for the last three years I have been making about let’s call it 3 times -although it is probably closer to 4- the amount of money I have made most of my adult life. And, truthfully, I work less. I feel if not super rich, at least middle class. Or I did until my mother told me I qualify for residency in the new low income facility her retirement community is building.) ((sigh)) Seriously.

    My house is very old and in need of major repairs. I own a used Subaru. Don’t travel or buy expensive anything – most of what I own is (smiles) “vintage.” That said, I live VERY well. Other than a trip to Europe or South America, there isn’t much I want to do that I can’t.

    And still, in the end…well, we all have to go, sometime.

    My death wish is to be cremated and put into a Gucci knock off hand bag and left at Grand Central Station.

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    • Hi Sweet Sandra! I would pass up that invite to the retirement home. Artists like you don’t retire, what the hell are you thinkin’. I’ll bet your home studio is just the way you like it. I like “vintage”, too 😉 (winks).
      Like your idea about the Gucci bag, but make sure a trusted friend gets the instructions so it’ll get done. You can’t rule much from the grave…err the urn ….err the Gucci knock-off. 😀

      I figure my ashes will end up forgotten up on a shelf in some airplane hangar at an old dusty wind swept rundown airport. (thinking about it, that is not a bad idea)



      • E:

        Not thrown from the plane? (this is why we have children).

        Not to worry. It is unlikely I will ever retire – and never to Dover, Delaware. I just want to be able to stop working some day (29 and-a-half months and counting) so I can do my art full time. Most of the “apartment” I inhabit is studio space, actually. The pottery studio needs some serious rearranging, but the rest of the space works very well ((laughing)) There is even a place to sit down and read a book or watch a video, on occasion, when there is nothing more interesting – or I am just too damned tired – to do.

        I sent my poems off to the Vallum poetry contest, last night. Of course, I chose three completely different poems and worked on the last right up until I pushed the “send” button. Missed a comma and a period on the poem I like best (I always like the poem I am working on best). (sigh) I hope the judges miss it, too.


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        • We may be thinking of retiring at about the same time.

          Yes, probably out of a plane.

          Oh, this is exciting! Hope they love ’em as much as I would. Good Luck! Just like everything else, our last one is always our best. 😉

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  3. What else can we do? Cheers !


  4. E: I will post them over at MMitMotRd.


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