Proper Attire

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Everyday Life

“Wranglers are the only acceptable jeans. Lee jeans are scoffed at, and if you wear Levi’s, you are a dude. Cowboy hats, straw for summer, felt for winter, black hats are for wannabes. The belt buckle, you can determine a cowboy’s level of achievement by his belt buckle. So basically, cowgirls can look at the cowboy’s buckle all she wants but the cowboys better be just stealing a glance.”

bootsThat’s how a friend in Woodward, OK described the proper cowboy rodeo attire. He also mentioned that they like driving Chevy Silverado pickups, any year, any condition, as long as it has a hitch for their horse trailer. He didn’t mention cowboy boots. But  everyone knows that those athletic shoes made to look like cowboy boots aren’t allowed on the fairgrounds.

I learned this a couple of years ago when I was sent to Woodward, OK to work on some telephone equipment. After I arrived I found there were no motel rooms in town or in the surrounding areas due to the rodeo being in full swing. That didn’t surprise me, having once lived in both Woodward, OK and Dodge City, I understood the significance of the event. So I had to spend the night in my Toyota Tundra, with no cowboy hat to cover my eyes, wearing Lee’s jeans with a belt buckle a cowgirl wouldn’t take a second look at.

Since then I have acquired a Silverado pickup and through the month of July, I have kept the proper attire stashed in the truck in case I have to make the better impression at the front desks in the motel lobbies. July is rodeo month throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

And all of this time I thought you could tell the experienced cowgirls and boys only by how well they negotiated the arena’s bleachers.

Such is the life of John

  1. Having lived around, AND with with cowboys…AND having friends, who are cowboys/ranchers/rodeo riding men…pretty much my whole life…I love this! 🙂
    Welp, you got the truck and the duds…(you know, “clothes”) so you’re not a dud or a dude or a dandy anymore. 😉
    Yes, July is Rodeo time in The West. 🙂
    There is ranch land around where I live now, so I just go down to the highway to the closest cafe and I can sit and ogle…er…I mean…stare at…uh…you know…look at all the cowboys I want! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • So …. you are who I can call a cowgirl? Do you mind if I take more than just a glimpse at your belt buckle? 😀

      I have so many cowboy and girl friends, I can’t help but rib them at rodeo time. Of course they started it the first time I heard them call me a dude because of my Levis and bare head, no hat or cap and loafers. Don’t think in their eyes I will be anymore than a wannabe. 😉 Regardless of what kind of duds I put on. 🙂

      I’m not as rowdy as they are but I sure hold my liquor better. 😐

      When we lived in Colorado, we had a very good old friend that was a real live, real working cowboy, broken down “retired” cowboy, that spent 12 hours a day on a horse. He still wore his old boots with stirrup scars worn into and around his boot in steps. According to him, everyone , no matter what duds they wore or how big the buckle, we were all dudes. 🙂


  2. Well, I wouldn’t call myself a cowgirl…I just happen to always land near cowboys. 🙂 We have good friends who have ranched all their lives…I am amazed at the hard work they’ve done…and how, even in their retirement, they still ride horses and take care of the cattle. 🙂 I admire them! 🙂


  3. I had no idea they had so many rules about what to wear —
    I would be so outta place, they’d drive me outta there. 😀


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