Amber Veins

Posted: August 5, 2014 in poetry
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Gaze long upon the stubbled wheat
and the fruit’s dry amber veins
What once were fields of wind-blown sprouts
are now the dry straw’s remains.

No rains will fill the lengthened cracks
Hot south winds now dry the dust
Only hope of August’s evening storms
will soften land’s arid crust.

But just below this hardened shell
Nurtured work is now concealed
Tasks consumed by primordial life
Secrets will be soon revealed

So put away the tandemmed plow
Let no steel scar this sacred earth
For below, the field must breathe and brew
preparing next season’s birth.

Looking out over the harvested field across the road from my home, after this hot and dry July, I wonder if anything can possibly survive. Hopefully under the crust, just below the widening cracks, nature’s work continues. Just digging my hand a few inches below the surface I can feel the coolness of the ground and feel that all is not baked. Just below the hot, wind dried hopelessness, life is still at work, continuing to prepare for another season. Only the surface waits for rain.


  1. Wow! The last two poems you have posted are quite wonderful. The ground land may be thirsty, but your writing of late is pretty lush. And a few drum beats and a little dance, and it is sure to rain.

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    • Hi Sandra! I call poems like this one “rhythm and rhymer”. I have quite a few stashed away unread and don’t bring them out often. I enjoy doing them but I’ve been mesmerized of late by the complications of free verse thanks to Carl and Billy…. and I need the practice. I know these are more popular and perhaps more pleasurable to read but fitting your thoughts into a structured form can be maddening. If I painted, I’d be an unpopular unknown impressionist also, that on occasion did a portrait to make ends meet..


  2. OH! What an amazing poem!!! And I love the title!
    Yes, it’s tough and sad, to see the dry earth…longing for rain. 😦
    I love that “below the hot, wind dried hopelessness, life is at work…”
    Yes, there is hope! 🙂
    Yes, the cycle of life…as the land prepares for Autumn.
    I hope you get rain soon.
    We’ve had a great Summer of rain so far.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed this read – thank you ! 🙂


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