Another Season, Another Reason

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Seasons

Each year I try to remember the seasons, we are now entering fall. Yesterday at around 10:00 PM give or take an hour or two plus or minus a daylight saving time hour here and there and adding a couple of time zones we reached fall Equinox. It actually depends on your latitude, enough said about that. It isn’t very poetic, talking latitude, zulu time, inclination of tilt or the facts surrounding this event. Although for a scientific techy like me I see harmony in it all. What could be more poetic than order from chaos?

But for one brief shining moment yesterday, we reached perfect alignment with the Sun and we had equal daylight and darkness. I sort of like having things perfectly aligned but usually after I neatly align everything I tend to begin to misplace what I thought needed aligning. It is really hard to work around objects perfectly aligned unless they are permanently anchored in place.

My mantra really is “What do you want, an idle neatness or a constructive mess ?”. Those words are neatly and permanently anchored hanging on my wall in the my office. It sort of relieves the tension when I have visitors and they see my desk.

But yesterday as predicted, our speeding, tumbling, smoking ball of mud that we live on lined up for a few moments with that very huge burning mass of gases we call the Sun, which means we will probably not be uncontrollably shooting out into space and freezing to death for another few months anyway. I think that’s pretty damn cool! DSS has even written a couple poems about it, which I won’t bore you with today. What could be more poetic than being spared death by a huge burning mass of gas millions of miles away. Poems almost write themselves from our marveling of it.

So I only have this to say this year, seasons are neat. I enjoy every damn one of them. We should notice them and do a little jig or piss in the ocean or something at the passing of each one. They are the only predictions we humans make that actually come true. Fuckin’ A!


(Oh brother, sorry, E insisted on writing our yearly welcome to fall post. I apologize if anyone was shocked by his vulgar language. But all three of us do agree with his intent.    We are miles from the ocean so the only pissing he will be doing tonight will be facing the moon and pissing in the backyard.  John)

  1. E,
    This was a joy to read! I concur with all you have said. And you made me laugh. 😀

    Welcome to the season aptly called Fall!
    Welcome to the floating leaves, the shorter days, and football!
    Welcome to pissing under the glow of the harvest moon!
    Welcome to romantic poems that make women swoon!
    Welcome to another season, surviving!
    Welcome to another reason, thriving!

    And, “oh brother” John doesn’t need to apologize for your language, E! 😉

    HUGS!!! for E., J., and DSS!!! 😀

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