Tiny, Very, Very Tiny

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Everyday Life
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Tiny, very, very tiny. Look toward the Earth from let’s say the small ex-planet Pluto. Now zoom further out into space from Pluto and visualize our planet the size of the smallest dot you have ever seen. Continuing on out of our solar system many times further until we can not see Earth with the naked eye or our largest telescope. We would still be in our galaxy. We would have passed massive stars 500 and 1000 times larger than our sun and huge planets 500 and 1000 times larger than our planet. Our Earth in comparison beside other greater objects in our galaxy would appear smaller than a grain of sand and we smaller than an atom. Is everything in our galaxy extremely large or is our earth just extremely small?

Could we indeed be living on the head of a pin?

How can our tiny minds think such large thoughts? Are our dreams as large as we think they are? Perhaps our dreams are as small as a grain of sand and there are bigger dreams just a few giant stars away.


  1. And this is why Well’s War of the Worlds scares on such a big scale…and the 2005 movie version, IMO, terrifying.


    • Well it was the tiniest of things, a virus, that finally killed off Well’s big bad Martians / aliens and saved the Earth. Which is pretty topical for what is happening in Africa and threaten us everywhere else on the planet. That is what scares the hell out of me.
      But something tells me that as big as the Galaxy is, there is a lot of knowledge out there we are totally unaware of.


  2. It’s an interesting concept — it’s quite likely that our perspective of size is irrelevant in relation to the rest of the universe. I enjoyed this read !


  3. GREAT write! I think all of this (and those questions) is what makes our human life on planet Earth even more amazing and cool! I take a walk every night just to gaze at the moon and the stars…and sometimes I sit on a bench and just stare and dream and be in awe. It makes me so excited and happy to be a small part of this amazing universe!!!! And it puts my problems into perspective. 🙂
    It’s interesting how a lot of human-beans think we are the most important thing in the universe…when quite possibly we are least important. ????
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…remember size DOESN’T matter. It’s what you can do with your hands and mouth that count!
    PPS…Oh, wait a minute…that’s something entirely different than your post.
    PPPS…Ha. “post”…never mind. Where is my supervisor? He should be paying attention to what I’m typing! 😉 😛
    PPPPS…See how quickly my mind heads back to the gutter?! 😉

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    • Yes, I guess we are probably just important enough to keep our own minds working and entertained in this little part of the universe in which we are chained ..

      PS..Although not being deficient in that that doesn’t matter, my hand / mouth skills are still quite advanced.

      PPS.. No problem, you may have just been thinking of my previous post that you referred to as Morning Wood. hahahaha! I said “post” ! 😀

      PPPS… I promise I won’t tell your supervisor, but I will record this in your permanent record ! 😀


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