C. of E.

Posted: October 12, 2014 in science

I had a fascinating conversation the other day with a friend. He was talking about a book he had read at one time about Feng Shui. He was wondering if I had ever heard of it. It is very interesting. Feng Shui is used to determine the orientation of buildings and things in relation to the stars and later the points on the magnetic compass. It has a major component “Qi” that is either a positive or negation life force which has a role in the energy that objects reflect.

Feng Shui….. I don’t know very much about Feng Shui, but I do know physics. Within physics there are laws and in the laws of physical science there is the law of conservation of energy, C. of E. I call it. According to Wikipedia (my current speedy authority) “The principle of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so this energy does not disappear.” Hm m m… that sounds a little like Qi.

Also the laws of energy states that we turn one kind of energy into other kinds. For example when we wind a clock, watch or a main spring we’ve converted our chemical energy into kinetic energy of motion and stored that same energy in the tightly wound mainspring as potential energy. If I could turn the clock off and keep it from running, my energy would be stored inside that clock as long as that spring was never unwound. Hm m m… sounds like Qi in Feng Shui.

Think about the other chores we do that stores our energy as potential energy which never or only slowly is released. Driving nails to hold boards together with a hammer, riveting to hold metal together with a hand squeeze riveter or pushing back untamed un-managed rose-bush branches to train them to climb a trellis. Our houses, hobby projects and other handmade things are bursting with our energy or the energy of those that built them. It is a scientific fact. Wikipedia says so. If we could see the energy that has been stored by us or others that built our homes and vehicles, it would be causing them to glow very brightly as they sit stationary in our neighborhoods and parking lots.

Maybe that’s the personality we instinctively feel in ships, airplanes, cars, motorcycles and cozy little cottages. That may be what sparks the urge to christen them and call them he or she. They should be very familiar to us because they are our energy, they are what we put into them, they are us.


  1. Yes! This makes sense to me! (That ought to scare many people! 😉 )
    I like to think about those things being a part of us, and that we are a part of them. When I’m in a house, I like to think about the people who lived there in decades past.
    I have furniture that my Dad built…I sense him being with me in these pieces.
    Ha…in a cartoon movie about kids in a school…there was an announcement over the intercom: “Would the Feng Shui Club quit rearranging the furniture in the cafeteria.”
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Marcia says:

    Maybe I’ve been trying to practice Feng Shui all these years with my constant impulse to rearrange furniture. I always told myself it was because I would move everything to clean under and around it and decide to put it back in a different place. I think my Feng Shui has gone in the last few years. Too hard to move the furniture by myself anymore. Can you lose your chi (qi)?


  3. That’s an interesting concept.


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