In those types of times

Posted: October 16, 2014 in poetry, politics, Sixties, war

To my children,

“your parents experienced the fear of possible world war with nuclear warheads during the Cuban missile crisis, their favorite president was assassinated, then his brother too, as well as Martin Luther King. They saw their friends and their brothers killed in Vietnam daily on the nightly news. They saw college students killed by their own National Guard, and civil rights protesters attacked with fire hoses and worse. The 60′s, art and music were people’s way of lifting their spirits in those types of times. “

We hid under school desks
slept to burning visions
Watched as dogs attacked
and hoses washed away the denied
But for every bad there was a good
a song, a film, a painted picture
For every bad man there was a good
a speech, a quote, an epitaph
Old men were called the greatest generation
We lived helpless through their rule
They called us Boomers
We wrote hopeful songs
and made the realistic movies
They call us Boomers,
Now, although old, is our time.
What happened to OUR time?


  1. Chesa Nmezi says:

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  2. GREAT song! 🙂 and GREAT post! 🙂
    Today’s world seems too crazy for this generation of kids/young adults to have to endure. But, the world you describe (back in da’ day) was crazy, too. I love your poem and how you found the positives! There are always positives amongst the chaos and struggles! There is always hope! That is what we should be sharing with this generation! And amid the things that are fearful and uncertain…we can find joy and make joy! 🙂
    Yes. The time has flown by. I feel like I just turned around and I am no longer that kid…that kid that is still in my heart.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Other than being catered to as consumers because of our huge numbers, I don’t feel we Boomers have made the impact that I imagined we would. Our best years were during the short counter-culture and then for some reason turned conservative, known only for giving birth to Generation X. We were squeezed between the 40 year reign of the Greatest Generation and the 25 or 30 years of the X-Generation. We had our best years when most of us were just in our teens. What happened to us? We shined bright for only one brief shining moment and then for some reason elected Ronald Frickin’ Reagan and handed our moment back over the old bastards of the Greatest Generation. And then became the Silent Majority. The only thing we have made Boom, is Wall Street and have been the most Materialistic generation in history. We could have been a Contender, instead we have sold out. We peaked too soon in the 60’s and early 70’s. And only had a short 8 year period of minor influence during the Clinton Administration. Never have so many had so little influence on U.S. history for such a long time.


      • You are so right about ALL of this!
        It’s so interesting and disheartening…and I have no answers. The Boomers hearts were in THE right place…if only we could get back to that. I think the whole world needs some of that passion in order to effect positive changes.
        Wonder what our parents had to do with it? We’re supposed to “blame” our parents. Right?! 😉 But, seriously, I wonder if their reaction to us, impacted us to “dial it down” and conform in order to please them. ???? I don’t know. But, I will ponder some more.
        I’d love to see you write more on your blog about your feeling concerning all of this.
        HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. Kent State really woke people up to how much the situation had changed — still, we are Boomers and proud.


    • When Kent State happened you could feel the whole generation start to turn inward. We must have just gotten sick of it and went on with our lives and became part of the “establishment” that we abhorred as teens. Why are we allowing “the man” to undo everything we literally fought for on the streets in the late 60’s and early 70’s.? That is the problem with a counter culture, the very nature of it can not survive in an establishment. Once we join the establishment we are not counter culture any longer and before you know it we’re wearing grey suits and reading the wall street journal.


  4. Oh…now I’m pondering something else…something that baffles me…after the female Boomers battled equal rights in the workplace, women’s right to do jobs that were considered “man” jobs, etc., it seems their daughters are now a throwback to their grandmother’s generation. In the way they think, the fact that they feel they “need a man” to be whole, that marriage and babies are their future…and so much more. I talk to a lot of females ages 12 to 30-something and it seems like they have no clue what women in the 60’s and 70’s fought for…so their lives could be different today.

    HUGS!!! 🙂


    • That is so evident in politics also, It seems that the GOP is trying to set back women’s rights even further. issues thought solved years ago are now still being brought to the surface. Equal pay, opportunity, free choice, decades of fighting are being challenged again. The women’s vote is very powerful and so many women are voting against their own best interests. Men do the same of course, but the GOP is so blatantly speaking against woman’s interests I think they will pay the price this mid-term. The young girls I feel are being influenced by what they watch on TV and internet and see in their magazines. There are so many strong women out there to use as a positive influence, I wish they could become more popular.


  5. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Telling poem & one of my all time fav songs. I agree with so many of the comments – not sure what happened to us – I don’t feel I changed all that much in my line of thinking, but so many that I knew have . . . isn’t life strange . . .
    Great post!!

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  6. I think we were screwed out of a lot of chances for change by either the generation ahead of us and behind us, now. The Boomers had no more than 7 or 8 years of purely their policies, And they were the most peaceful and most prosperous time of the 20th century. I have great respect for the Greatest Generation, but they hung onto the aftermath of their war way too long and only extended the craziness of the Cold War for over 40 years. Of which some of our Senators still want to resume.


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