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Posted: November 1, 2014 in politics

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I received a letter from a mysterious group that I’ve never heard of before. There was no person’s name or address attached to the letterhead. It did have a cheaply copied, trying to look official emblem at the top of the page. It had an Eagle in the middle, an eagle automatically makes anything look seriously patriotic and official, don’t you think? And around the edge of this emblem were the words “Kansas State Voter Report”. It looked like this official seal and letter was printed by my old Epson dot matrix printer I first used in the 1980’s, I would say about 80 dots per inch. Not exactly 21st century resolution. You get the point, this was a cheap flying by the shirttails organization that sent this thing. The bottom of the page was “Kansas State Voter Report is a project of Be Counted, Inc”.

As if this wasn’t odd enough, the letter proceeds to say in Capital letters “WHAT IF YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR NEIGHBORS, AND YOUR COMMUNITY KNEW WHETHER YOU VOTED?”. I guess they were SHOUTING at me?

Then it proceeds to explain in a couple of short paragraphs that the voting records of my state are public records and they were taking it upon themselves to send my voting record for the last three elections to all of my friends, neighbors, colleagues at work and community members to publicize who does and doesn’t vote. And then it listed 10 names of people, including mine, in my town and their voting record on whether they did or didn’t vote in each of the last three elections.

They don’t know me very well or they would know that I don’t give a fuck what my FRIENDS, my NEIGHBORS, or my COMMUNITY think they know about me. Particularly the project of Be Counted, Inc. I feel they know so much about me and I know so little about them, not even a name or address.

Stay now, this gets a little intriguing.

Gulf o' MexicoI voted in all of the years listed, it says I missed voting in 2010. This is very interesting and I am very glad they sent this information to me. Although I’m not sure why they found it necessary to send it to so many other people. I am glad they sent it because in 2010 I was on-board an off shore natural gas pumping platform 170 miles off of the coast of Louisiana  in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Because I knew I would be gone all week, my wife and I early voted at the county courthouse that year. I have done this a number of times in the past. They did have trouble starting up the voting machine but we did eventually vote.

I hate early voting because there seems to be a lax atmosphere and I’ve always wondered if my early votes were even counted here in this county and they don’t give you a receipt that says your vote was registered.

Well, now I know, if Be Counted, Inc tabulations are correct, that indeed my vote was not counted.

Thank you Be Counted, Inc., who ever the fuck you are. Now I’m making a trip to the goddamn Republican ran courthouse and do my own snooping in the public records. And ask if they keep accurate records. And while I’m at it, I plan on tracking down the cocksuckers that sent the fucking Kansas State Voter Report to me and if their tabulations are incorrect I will either punch them squarely in the nose or start libel charges against the person that sent the letter for publicizing incorrect information about me.

So to end, if any of you wackos out there are planning on taking part in any of these bullshit mailings, think twice, you really don’t know who, or more importantly, what you are dealing with. Anytime you write down a person’s name and make an allegation in writing, make sure your statement is correct.

Has anyone else in other States received these letters? The way I understand it both Republicans and Democrats are sending them out.


  1. Elaine says:

    I received one yesterday. I live in KS. They have my 19 yr old son listed as DID NOT VOTE in 2008 and 2010. It’s like duh, he’s never been old enough. I’m pretty pissed! They have me not voting in 2010. I think I voted though. I was working a crazy, stressful job then so maybe I didn’t. Thing is I’m a single woman who lives alone, I don’t want people I’ve fired over the years to “get” my address!


    • I have read so many comments like mine and yours today. I’m sure we will find out who’s doing this. If they think they are shaming people to vote, the last place to look is the voting records because evidently they are terribly incorrect and unreliable records. Mostly I wouldn’t miss voting this year for anything.and I wouldn’t let some crackpot outfit change my mind. But I WILL find out who’s doing this and they can expect a visit.


  2. Cary says:

    I just got one today Nov. 1, and I believe you are right about trying to shame people into voting. the words in bold print and underlined do your civic duty and vote really caught my eye and frankly made me mad. My wife is listed on the record as not voting in 08 and 10 but in 2012. Unlike so many others she was not a citizen until 2012 and she refrained from casting an illegal ballot. What a bunch of horse ……


  3. Alan says:

    Got the exact same letter today…but in the State of Maine, with the details on the emblem and footer altered to reflect this state. The first thing I told my wife was, “This letter is trying to shame me into voting!” As an organization, they have no website presence in the State of Maine (or any viable parent organization anywhere). I’m furious. My voting record might be public, but that doesn’t give an organization the right to compile my information along with that of my neighbors and then send it out as a means to coerce people into voting.


    • I’m going to try to find the names and addresses of the people that sent this and think this is such a good idea. I will call the Kansas Election Board tomorrow and find out the names or telephone numbers of the organizers doing this. In most states they have to buy this kind of information even though it is public record. There will be a record of the purchase. I read today the org that did this in Alaska has been identified and the Election Board released their telephone number. As citizens, we can put on our own pressure to have the laws changed so this info isn’t public and can not be sold by the state.

      I would think a local TV station would want to follow up on this.

      Even if it is public record, doesn’t mean that it is right to distribute my name and address and this is very unethical. Trouble is, there are no ethics or shame in those that participate in politics but they expect it from their constituents. I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t be soured by having this sent to them.


  4. ksswede says:

    KWCH TV out of Wichita has a “Factfinder” mission to find out who is sending this info. Hope they can uncover the culprit. I wonder how many people now will unregister to vote? If you were to log into (Kansas Secretary of State), you have to enter your birthdate to find your own voter record. How much personal information was sent to the mystery company. That is what concerns me (along with my address floating around out there).


  5. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Had to laugh DSS – not at the situation, but the way you expressed yourself 😉 Find those libelous bastards and teach them a lesson!! A man after my own heart, for sure!! I feel this way often about idiots . . .
    I don’t think I have gotten any of those letters, but will be on the lookout for them. Shit, I don’t read about half of my mail these days . . .
    Great post, BTW!!

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  6. I did NOT get one of those letters. But, I would be upset if I had. 😦 Wowza. That be crazy. 😮
    GREAT post, BTW! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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