Erradicating the Politic Ebola

Posted: November 11, 2014 in politics, science

Well, I admit, I was worried about Ebola. Now that the dust has cleared and I have studied the facts, I think I over reacted to the threat. I realized I wasn’t afraid of the science of Ebola, I let the political right and uninformed make me afraid of the politic Ebola. They used it to make the President and his administration look bad, but in the end and examining it closely, they were able to actually politicize a disease. Politicize a disease, yes a disease, a political virus.

A low has been reached. I can’t remember of any disease being used in this way. Perhaps Aids but I don’t remember the political opposition blaming the U.S. Government or the CDC or the Administration for it. The CDC did get their shit together (or perhaps they always had it together) and handled the Ebola threat about the only way they could have. After all, we didn’t have a Surgeon General in place to help lead for some reason, which no one is talking about.  Currently it is contained in the States with no cases and all cases cured except for the 1st, which was at first tragically mishandled by a terribly unprepared non-public, non-government owned hospital.

The only government officials that erred on Ebola were a few State Governors and Senators that have in the past confessed that they were not scientists of other subjects (climate change) but for some reason believed that they knew more about the Ebola virus than the real scientists or CDC. I think they understood Ebola, the politics of Ebola, much more than they confessed to.

Now we must make sure that we continue the support of the effort to eradicate it at its source in Africa. And in doing so not let the political opportunist, the political Ebola, detour us with unscientific BS and placing blame on undeserving individuals that are earnestly fighting the scientific Ebola. Let’s not make it harder for the earnest by charging the fight with the political.

I have finally learned that the Right and others indeed jump at any chance to spread fear, the Politic Ebola. I played right into their hands and was afraid. I think they made the entire country afraid and it may have helped flip an election. It has worked every time they have pulled the “be afraid, you should be very afraid” crap . How many times will we fall for it? What will be their next something to be unscientifically or UN-intelligently afraid of?

I will be watching for it and will not fall for it again. Will you?



  1. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Great post DSS! I didn’t freak out to the political Ebola, and it did not change my voting, but I tend to think a little differently than some. I was concerned about how they seemed to be mishandling it, but that was in all honesty the majority of the country as a whole at the time. I hadn’t really thought about how it might have flipped the election. Some of the exit polls I heard said Americans were dissatisfied with the Obama Administration and the Republicans – but the outcome confused the hell out of me. I wholeheartedly agree that they must continue to work to eradicate it in Africa!

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    • It surely didn’t change my voting. But the way the right and the media and even the Democratic candidates refused to say anything good about Obama certainly gave the impression that they didnt want to have anything to do with the President. At a time when he need the most support the less help he got. A political shit fight with the Dems refusing to participate, they deserved to lose and their indifference is why they lost. But the right used ebola to try to show Obama didnt know what he was doing when all along he had everything in-hand as much as was in his control anyway. The Dems that embraced the President and didnt isolate themselves from him won. Those that didnt have the balls, lost.

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  2. I didn’t fall for it this time.
    GREAT post!
    I am weary of all of this political crap…and them trying to manipulate or scare people.
    And you are so right…we as a nation must to more to help eradicate diseases, like ebola, at the source.


  3. Happy Almost-Friday!


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