Winter Arrives, I’m Sure

Posted: December 20, 2014 in Seasons
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December 21st 5:03 PM CST, winter begins.

Changing_SeasonI watch and look forward to the change of seasons, I know very little about them, but the seasons are my wristwatch. Through the day I am not a clock watcher. I could care less what time it is during the day. I do not start work at the same time each day, do not take regular lunch breaks, I have no idea when my day’s quitting time is.  But if I set a clock, I must set it accurately to the second. What use is a clock with a second hand if it indicates incorrectly.  If you are one of those misguided people who sets your clocks five minutes fast, for what ever reason, I want nothing to do with you. If you want an approximate time then use a sundial.

I go to work everyday because I want to and frankly because I have to, I eat when I’m hungry and I quit when I hit a good stopping point of what ever I’ve got myself involved in during the day. The hour, minute and second of the day is too precise of a measurement for me. I do keep track of the days of the week, I have favorites, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I need not explain why. But the seasons, I can keep track of. They all seem the most appropriate time span to gauge my time here on earth. They occur and come and go naturally.

Aw the seasons, they are times that stand alone and on their own time lines. They are physically connected to the Universe. They depend on the actual tilt of the Earth and the Earth’s placement in relation to the Sun and because of this the Earth’s placement in relation to the moon and the planets and the stars. The seasons are the physical manifestations of our distant connection with the Universe. Our very warmth and temperature depends on our seasonal location in the solar system. And we can depend on the time between  them, we can predict them, they are four of the few things in our lives that we can depend on happening precisely when we believe they will.

It takes no faith  for us to mark them on our calendar, because they are facts and we know that on this date of December 21st at 5:03 PM it will be the beginning of something. We know that on this day the Earth’s sunrises  will creep northward and our long nights will shorten. And this year, on my free Sunday, winter will indeed begin as predicted. And it will happen on what we call the shortest day of the year. Because I know this, it assures me of my knowledge of the Universe and makes me a small part of it, gives me a connection to it. A connection with knowing something that is all that is.

No wonder we celebrate the seasons. They are our Universal timekeepers regardless of what our watches say..


  1. Yes! And you expressed this so beautifully! 🙂
    I love things about all four seasons. Each has their beauty and their challenges. Their precision and constancy is amazing and reassuring. I, too, am glad to be a small part of all of this!
    WatchYourChestnutsAroundOpenFires-HUGS!!! 😀

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  2. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    I really enjoyed this!! The seasons are “our Universal timekeepers regardless of what our watches say.” So well said!!


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