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Posted: January 8, 2015 in Erection, Everyday Life
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“If lasting longer than four hours, call your doctor”. We’ve all heard this warning on a couple of product’s commercials.
           Previous to when I originally wrote this post I was writing about the barber shop that I use in the small town that I live in. In this post I had turned to describe the drug store and medical clinic we rely on. Maybe there are still a couple out there that remember this. Enjoy and I hope none of you men out there ever have to go through this experience. Relax, there will be absolutely no pictures accompanying this. But I have to tell you, they would have been magnificent.
Sunday December 5, 2010
The other day I was talking about my small town and the barber shop I visit monthly. Just down the street from Tom’s Barber Shop is theRexall Drug Store. One of the few left in the country that still has a counter soda fountain. Very refreshing place to go. While you wait for your prescription to be filled you get a coupon for a free small Coke. They used to call these a Nickel Coke, I still do. The glass, yes they still use glasses, is asmall sized Coke shaped glass just like the large ones but about a third of the size. I don’t know how much they are now, it’s about 4 to 6 oz. When I was a kid, these stores and fountains were all over the country. We didn’t have Quick Stop gas station fountains. The only fountains we had were probablyRexall Drug stores. Bill the pharmacist has vowed that as long as he’s in business he will have a fountain open for his customers. Bill’s getting a little old, about 10 years past retirement , getting a bit forgetful but people love having the store and Bill as their druggist. It’s really like the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” but without Jimmy Stewart. And Bill upholds that image because he also “drinks a bit”. But normally he’s a true professional except maybe before holidays.Well after getting my Thanksgiving hair cut and part raising and after I got my coat switched around to the proper owner at the barber shop, I remembered I had a prescription to fill for a routine medication I’ve been taking for allergies. So I walked on down to the Rexall to get it filled. Bill was there, very friendly and appeared perhaps a little more happy than usual due to the upcoming holiday. I gave him the prescription. Although I was the only customer, he gave me a number, it’s all about tradition in Bill’s Rexall. I sat down at the counter and Molly his wife says “you got a number?”, which I presented to her for my free nickel Coke. Molly and I talked as I sipped my ice-cold Coke in a glass. That is the only way to enjoy Coca Cola, 8 ounces or less in an ice-cold glass. In a few minutes Bill called out “23! Your prescription is ready!” As I picked it from the counter he says “Thanks John, how’s the wife and those Grandkids doin?” That’s why I go to Bill’s Rexall.

That was on Wednesday. I didn’t take any of those pills until Friday after Thanksgiving. It was Black Friday, my wife left early that morning to catch a few bargains at the Mall in a nearby town. I declined going of course but suggested she take my pickup just in case of a bargain that may not fit in her Prius.

Home alone I took my new allergy med and prepared a pretty good omelet for breakfast. I sat down in front of the TV and was watching the weather channel. After a few minutes of watching I noticed to my surprise and delight, I was getting (the only way to put it) a little aroused by watching the weather lady. There was something so sexy about her, the way she was pointing at the map, turning her back to the camera, the dress she had on , the sleek smooth look of the back of her legs.

Yes! I was REALLY getting aroused! I mean it was blue steel, a cat probably couldn’t scratch it! I changed to the History Channel to try to take my mind off of it. It was at the end of the documentary of the Manhattan Project and they were talking about the first nuclear bombs, “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”. ….And they were ending with the massive explosions that they produced. And that didn’t help me a bit, I was still, as they say, maintaining! Being the master of my domain, which I sometimes proudly am, this “arousal” was lasting over 3 hours. Long enough that I was truly getting worried. I couldn’t get my wife on her cell phone. And I started remembering those warnings they advertise on TV about having an erection lasting longer than 4 hours. We are supposed to call our doctor. I made note of the time. And then the light bulb came on and it hit me, well it really didn’t hit me although by this time it was big enough, the new meds!

I checked the new bottle and poured a couple of pills in the palm of my hand. Yep, they were different. these had a big “C” and a 40 stamped on them and they were a little off-color from my old meds. A quick look on the web with the laptop, which wouldn’t fit on my lap by this time, if you get the picture. And sure enough, I identified them as Cialis! The highest dose made! Somehow Bill had given me the wrong prescription or the wrong pills.

Four hours crept by, I knew I was going to have to do something. Which I did, but it didn’t help either except for a small reduction for a few moments but then it was back as its angry self. After five hours I knew I was going to have to call our doctor.

Now I don’t know about your clinic, but this was the day after Thanksgiving. You have to be pretty sick to get an appointment on the same day you call. With my Doctor Alan, you have to speak with his nurse first. She runs triage. You don’t want to underestimate the seriousness of your illness or you won’t get in that day and on the other hand you don’t dare exaggerate either or she won’t believe you next time. You have to be straight with her. If my wife had been home I would have had her speak to her, but this was serious I had to find a way to tell Nurse Baker what my trouble was. So I just blurt it out just like the commercial. “I’ve got an erection that’s lasted longer than 4 hours!”. Long, Long, Long pause, total silence, you could hear crickets chirping…..But after you get through the initial conversation things really loosen up around there. She said with a laugh, “Ahhh, If you can still walk on your own, you better get right over here and bring that new medication you took with you!”

I pulled on a pair of sweat pants, I figured they would be less conspicuous. My jeans probably wouldn’t fit. I grabbed the non-key to the Prius. Went out and tried to jump in the thing. It’s my wife’s car, she has short legs. To this day I don’t know how to get the seat back, I don’t drive it that much. So I left the seat forward and backed out of the garage. It was a very tight fit behind the wheel, particularly in my condition. At first driving was a little awkward being so close to the wheel. But before long I discovered I could actually drive with no hands and it was easier than driving with my knee. Hell, I was using both hands dialing the cell phone trying to get in touch with my wife and texting her. By the time I had driven the 15 miles to the doctor I was handling the wheel just fine.

Now I’m telling you this because if you are like me, you have never really thought in your own mind all that you have to go through to take the advice of those Viagra and Cialis commercials. This is my experience, hopefully you won’t have to go through this and find out for yourself.

I walked into the clinic in my sweat pants, t-shirt and tennis shoes. The t-shirt pulled down in front as far as it would go. The clerk behind the desk says “And what are you here for?” Takes one look and says “Oh! it’s you, we’ve been waiting for you! ha ha ha ha! Do you have your copay?” I said “Hell I don’t even have pockets”.

“Well go set down, we prefer some place at the other end of the waiting room, away from the kid’s toys. HaHaHaHa!”

Before I could sit down, Nurse Baker steps into the room and says “John, the Doctor will see you now.” She grins and says “Oh John! Let me hold the door a little wider for you, HaHaHaHa!”

The first thing they do at any appointment is tell you to step on the scales. I say “You’ve got to be kidding!” She weighed me and said “Well, it looks like you’ve gained a few pounds, BaHaHahaha!” It was embarrassing I’m telling ya.

We went to the examination room, and the nurse says with a big smile, “Well there’s probably no reason to take your blood pressure!” They were getting the biggest kick out of this. Which did put me at ease. She says, “the doctor told me to take a look at it first but I think in this case we can wait for him”.

Well, the problem was taken care of with direct cold packs. And there was no harm done. No harm done unless you consider my loss of pride of one moment exposing an unmanageable purple raging bull but the next sheepishly exposing a placid, tired and wrinkled shadow of its former self suffering from maximum shrinkage brought on by the freezing temperatures and embarrassment. It brought back the remembrance as a kid of swimming all day and then having to peel out of my swimming trunks in the open men’s dressing room. Only men can understand the dreaded “swimming shrinkage” exposure. And now the nurse’s looks had changed from one of wide-eyed “Oh! MY! God!” to one of “what’s all the excitement about”. I asked the doctor what he would have done if the ice hadn’t worked. “Oh we would have just called in Nurse Ratchet. One look from her would bring it down on any man”.

He did take all the new pills away from me. Of course before I left I asked if he had any samples that might be at the right dose for me. He said “I’ll think about it. But you have at least 24 hours left on this dose! Be careful what you think about!”. I will admit the way Nurse Baker’s nicely tailored scrubs were hugging her perfectly rounded bottom was starting to attract my attention.

After this was over and I was safely back home,  my wife returned from shopping. Because of her dead cell batteries I was unable to call her all day. I was sitting comfortably in my usual living room easy chair. She takes one look and says “I suppose you’ve been sitting there all day doing nothing.” I look at her with a big grin and gleam in my eye and say “Yep, didn’t do a thing all day but if you want, I do have something to show ya!”

Such is the life of John.

Posted 12/5/2010 at 8:36 AM
  1. Hahahahahahaha— an interesting way to spend the day… 😀


  2. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 *snort* I can’t stop laughing! 😀 I’m sorry…the pill mix up is not funny, but what happened after that IS hilarious!!! 😀 And I love the way you wrote this! 🙂
    I remember reading this before…and I loved it as much this time around! So you can put it UP anytime you want in the future, too! 😛 UP is always good! Be like a good carpenter…”no wood gets wasted”! 😀
    Ha! When THOSE commercials are on, I always laugh. And when they talk about the extreme side effects…”an erection that persists over four hours (priapism), sudden changes in hearing and vision loss” I always think about that happening to a man and he says, “Honey, I can’t see you or hear you, but we’re gonna’ have tons of fun before we go to the Emergency Room!”
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha! A guy really should weigh the “benefits” against the possible risks. But the benefits are so great you do tend to let the little head do the thinking for your big one. The results really are astounding! 😛
      But the real question is, are you prepared to actually go through the emergency experience. And I wonder just how common priapism really is. Just a few years ago we would have never imagined a television commercial during prime time discussing such a medication. Now there is a beautiful, I’m guessing 40 something, woman in the commercial as their spokesman! 😀
      It is amazing to me that it now can be so openly discussed. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    LMAO!! Great storytelling 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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