Posted: January 24, 2015 in Everyday Life

I’m staring at a blank page once again. Running through my mind this early Saturday are the events of the week, or should I say non-events.

No children were born into my family this week, no additions, none.  No new vehicles were purchased. No vacation trips set off on. We had no funerals, no family reunions and no one broke any bones. Not one person in my acquaintance graduated from any institute of higher or lower learning this week. I guess any week that goes by that you don’t have to wear a suit coat or a tie is a good week.

I quit wearing a tie a few years ago. Now I wear only a non-buttoning pull over shirt under my coat. A turtle neck, nice T, anything that you wouldn’t expect a tie to go around. I may start wearing only black shirts of this kind this year, maybe add a gold chain.

I am a backyard watcher. For a few minutes each day after I pour a fresh cup of coffee, I stand at my kitchen window and observe my backyard. I first check out the bird feeder. Every backyard should have a well stocked bird feeder. This feeder mainly nourishes the neighborhood sparrows but on a few rare occasions a pair of morning doves visit and feed below it pecking up the carelessly spilled seeds the sparrows drop. The doves are why I keep it hanging there on our pear tree’s branch.  And they are one of the reasons I watch my backyard.

We have wild rabbits that visit here also. Usually they appear the first thing in the morning as the sun is just rising. But lately a neighborhood cat drops by to soak up the sun next to the columnar evergreen privacy wall on our backyard’s edge. Rabbits and birds don’t like cats and I’ve noticed the birds and rabbits don’t visit on the days the cat is lounging there. She was in heat this week and attracted a number of gentlemen callers. So I watched cats screwing this week as I drank my coffee. Interesting but not romantic in any sense.  The rabbits will be back when she is soon kept busy somewhere else caring for her new brood, I’m guessing. If her owner knew of her permissiveness he would surely have her spayed. I watch my backyard because of the rabbits and the birds, not the cat. I hope the cat is gone soon, otherwise …..

Such is the life of John

  1. Dearest DSS, No gold chain. thankyouverymuch. How about a leather wristband? A snappy watch? Stop watching the birdfeeder romances. It’s like voyeurism in all the wrong ways. Get a slingshot. I might also be so bold as to add an inquiry. Is it warm enough to walk out into your yard barefoot? If so. Please do. In jeans. Untucked, shirt flapping, sun catching the face of the watch on your wrist. Restock the bird feeder. Pull some weeds under it. Set out a half orange with grape jam. I’d like to be a part of this. My own voyeurism project. Grin. (hey! It’s not a tie request…that comes next week.)

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    • Hahahaha! OK, agreed, no gold chain. I just had to throw that in. You would be surprised how many people seem to cringe at the thought.

      Ret – Please tell me of the voyeurism that is of all the right ways. Sounds like a fun project. I guess it depends on what is done with the orange and grape jam. To get to watch and participate in that I might agree to wear a tie.

      Now, a slingshot is an excellent idea. I will try that.

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  2. HA! There is a lot going on in your backyard! 😉 I’m am glad you feed and water the birds! I do, too.
    OH, I am a backyard-watcher, too. I love watching the birds, rabbits, lizards, etc. 🙂 And watching Coop as he surveys his domain by walking the perimeter and sniffing everything. 😛
    This post made me laugh! And I think any day, especially a Saturday, that is unevent(s)ful (or busy or scheduled) is nice…a good day to take it easy and enjoy whatever comes to mind…be spontaneous…eat a fav food, drink a fav drink, hop to your fav hobby, or watch cat-porn. 😉 😀 See how I took my ideas from the activity in your backyard?! Can’t go wrong by the bird and bees and bunnies and cats! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I always felt bad for men who had to wear ties 5 to 7 days a week. And glad for those who were able to give them up. But, then if found a GREAT FUN use for ties…so I’m glad they exist! 😉

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    • Well, I have a lot of spare ones now. I’m pretty naïve, I’ll just let my imagination figure that out. 🙂

      Thanks, you seem to know my backyard or backyards must be similar everywhere. We set the orange slices out last summer and had a couple of orioles nesting hanging from a very tall branch..

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  3. Rats ‘n cats,,,Our back yard sanctuary is the perfect place for the first cup of the day. We had a few mature trees when our house was built 28 years ago. An old fence line passed through what became our lot. We added many more trees and now have shade and, in the fall, leaves, But that is another story. It was the damn bird feeder. Now we like birds. They are colorful and provide lots of visual and auditory rewards. And leave little behind to bother. They nest in our now added mature trees and wake us up early in the spring and summer, But the feeder…

    The first summer we deployed “the trap” we caught 25. Rats with furry tails. Squirrels. Subjects of many cute and cuddly photos and funny videos. People seem to love ’em. That is until they empty the bird feeder or wreck it to get at the food meant for the birds or until they decide the warm dry attic over your bedroom is the perfect place to live and throw their squirrel fraternity parties. And leave behind, well, what’s left of your bird food after it has passed through their rat bodies. 25, and we were kind. We transported each one several miles away to a forest sanctuary where they could re-learn their natural rat, er, squirrel survival skills. 25! Who knew?

    The birds lost their privileges and had to go elsewhere to dine. The second summer it slowed to 13 then 10 and then 15, oops it’s becoming a problem again. The neighbors apparently still put out squirrel food meant for the birds. Last summer we only had 3 so hopefully the neighbors realized their folly. Trapping season begins in a couple of months but we are expecting an empty trap or maybe only a stray or two. The attic is safe , for now.

    Oh, and cats? Ever been tending your carefully mounded flower beds and “found” what some ignorant neighbor’s free roaming, bird killing , night yowling, flea carrying kitty had decided to dump and bury? Lovely. How would they react if we walked our dog, on her leash as mandated by law, over to their yard and waited patiently while she circled and found just the right spot to take her dump?


    • Squirrels can be a big problem. Our feeder is squirrel proof that hangs from a branch, so far the squirrel hasn’t figured it out yet. But we certainly don’t have as many as you. I’m more worried about the cats, I will remove them humanely if they become much more of a problem.

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  4. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    I like the doves the best, too, DSS – that and the rare cardinals. I love to sit & listen to their calming soothing songs. As for the cats, I have a plastic pellet-ball gun (doesn’t really hurt them, but will run them off). You can buy it in different gram weights so it really doesn’t hurt them, just their feelings & after a time or two, they typically get the message, as there are lots of other places to hang out 😉 I also spread chili powder in my flower beds . . . hey I do pay the mortgage around here LOL 😉


    • Yes, the doves are very cool. Wish they’d come around more often. We have a occasional cardinal, they are crazy birds, like them alot! Ret in her comment suggested that I get a sling shot, I used to be pretty good with one. The recent cold weather has kept everything away!
      But your flower bed with red chili pepper is a great Idea, too.

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