Social Dwarfs

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Everyday Life, politics

What is it with the right. They pride themselves with being heartless.  Yesterday a right-wing freak used the term “entitlement population”. It was in reference to Americans out of work that have given up looking and at the end of their unemployment compensation and he rationalized that they would just be filing for disability and joining the “entitlement population”.  He has no facts, he knows no one personally and has probably only heard it from a right-wing radio host but he’s sure of his facts. And he is in reality as dumb as a post.
Well, I don’t buy his asinine assumptions. I get my facts from real people who are out of work, all of the unemployed that I know have not given up, are trying the hardest to find a job, have higher  educations, and would do anything for a job that is good enough to support a family. They have worked in part-time jobs trying to bring in just a little cash. They are selling possessions, homes, cars, giving up everything of their former life. Some are anxiously waiting to hear back from job apps and interviews for jobs starting at the minimum wage that will only ask them to work no more than 20 hours a week.  They would gladly welcome the $100 cash a week. Try living on that. When they get that job at Wal-Mart, Target or McDonald’s, yes, they are taken off the unemployment rolls. This sad country considers you employed when you are making any money outside of your unemployment compensation check. (by the way, the employees are paying the cost of unemployment insurance, companies apply that to their employment wages cost for each employee. We are working to pay for it, it is not given to us out of the goodness of an employer’s heart)
When my children were in college, years ago when you could get a job, a Wal-Mart part-time job was an option that my son applied for. With all of the employment paperwork that they gave him to fill out was also a food stamp application. Even their full-time new hires were given this form. A family making billions in the retail business and hiring hundreds of people each day, and they expected other American citizens to supplement the wages of their employees.   I personally believe that Food Stamps are very worthwhile program. I do not begrudge anyone having that assistance for their family. The assistance really isn’t that much. But something is indeed wrong with billion dollar corporations paying their employees so little that they qualify for the help. That rich, greedy family of Sam Walton’s are shamelessly, asking you and I to pay part of the wages of their employees while the owners each earn billions each year.

Now, who really are the “entitlement population” in this country? The American people out of work and out of hope, forced to work for only a minimum wage? Or are the entitlement people in this country the corporations that expect their customers to supplement the low wages they are paying their employees and the corporations doing everything they can to avoid paying taxes?

We are the only country in the developed world that is operating this way.

We are a great nation here in the U.S. but we are social dwarfs.


  1. 9bianchistreet says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

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  2. Compassion is so out of style these days. 😦


  3. Right on! Excellent words! I’m glad you shared them here.
    (My youngest worked for an organization that lobbied gov’t…local and national…to help workers get better benefits/treated fairly, etc. She has nothing good to say about Walmart. And my oldest…he says, “Walmart has no soul” and won’t shop there.)

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