Posted: March 3, 2015 in assassination, politics, Stratdegary, war
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In the same way that the access to film footage in Vietnam showed America the reality and atrocities of war, access to video on all sorts of devices is showing us the reality and atrocities of life on the streets, schools and playgrounds of America.

Scenes of limp, lifeless bodies dragged into body bags and stacked like cord-wood, made America, core America back home and there, rethink what we were doing in places like the sidewalks of Saigon and those images demanded that our policy hinging on insanity be changed. The memory of those images were so strong that the Bush administration would not allow pictures of bodies, body bags or rows of coffins in military transports to be seen on television during his reign over the Iraq War. He knew it would turn the American enthusiasm for the war as it did in Southeast Asia. Hopefully the scenes we watch today of the homeless and the children of America being killed will temper American enthusiasm for bloodshed here at home and put it under the same reality microscope and we as a civil society will force change again.

On two occasions, we have witnessed an overpowering force of officers justifying using deadly force against an unarmed man. How does a situation get so out of hand that it results to this? In both incidents, simply letting the victim loose would have brought the situation to a different end.

I just have to ask the questions, How much of this crap has been going on that hasn’t been caught on film or video in the past? Have we been living in a society where this happens routinely? Listening to the police, they say law enforcement has to be conducted this way. I’m getting the feeling that they think that “You can’t handle the truth!!!”.   Has it come to this?

We are like that you know. We can accept practically anything going on in the world without emotion when we just hear about it on the news or read about it in our favorite news blogs. Or read about it in the newspaper (does anybody still read a newspaper?). But until we actually see it in video or are unfortunate enough to see it with our own eyes we don’t react.

How is it that the police can react so quickly that they can justify killing a man only after a short skuffle but we as citizens can see it happen on video and it takes us so long before we can feel an emotion strong enough to force change?

Or maybe we just like it the way it is.


  1. Yes! I find it sad that people react without the right emotions. Instead of being outraged or sad or disturbed about something, they just want to fight or argue about it, or they just ignore it or try not to think about it. It’s time we got uncomfortable and disturbed and starting doing something positive about it. I hope we never get so complacent or self-focused that we like it the way it is, or just don’t care. 😦
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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    • Every time I see the videos of the police killing someone unarmed or a child only 12 years old. It is just mind boggling that the cities can look at it and defend the killings as necessary or being the fault of the victim. It just pisses me off that that can happen here in the U.S. !!There is no reason for handcuffing when a man is selling single cigarettes. A ticket should be issued like they would any minor violation. It certainly shouldn’t escalate to a fight of 6 on one. 6 on 1 for crying out loud!! None of those officers, and I use the term loosely, should be walking free. The latest L.A. murder is just as fricking unbelievable!! When the 12 year old kid was shot, his 16 year old sister was so upset, instead of comforting her, they handcuffed her and threw her in the police car while her bother laid flailing in pain on the ground bleeding to death and the police offered no help to him, no help!! They just watched him die!! Those men, term used loosely, are animals!!

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