First Life

Posted: March 21, 2015 in death, Life
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I died on October 21, 1967, it was a Saturday. A beautiful sunny fall Saturday, a perfect day for hunting. The last thing that I remember of that life was the feeling of the compressed air that passed my right temple as it exited the 410 shot gun’s barrel just ahead of the lead beads that inflicted my fatal head wound.  I don’t remember the impact, only the feeling of breeze against my ear. But I know that my young life was extinguished. I’m guessing and I’m hoping that my death certificate recorded that my cause of death was by hunting accident. I can only imagine that a few days later there was a funeral, my family cried, my classmates tried to attach themselves to the tragedy and I was buried. In that other time and place, I probably have a tombstone at the city cemetery beside my grandparents and mother and father. And that was the end of it, my first life.

But to only me, on that day, the lead shot missed hitting my head. The gun did fire and I can still hear the blast and feel the force of hot gas as it passed my ear. But as I crossed the fence and the gun’s hammer caught on the barbed wire, my friend grabbed the gun stock just as it fired.  That small touch changed the trajectory just enough that the beaded shots traveled harmlessly past. After recovering from the subsequent cold sweat and discussing how lucky I was, although shaken, I continued on with my morning of hunting with my future brother-in-law. And we both went on to raise our families.

October 21, 1967, my first life or death fork in the road.

Such is the life of John.




  1. OHMYGOSH! This happened to you?!?! 😮
    Fiction or non-fiction…I’m so so SO glad you survived! This was REALLY well written! The emotions (for the reader) were intense!
    Also, now I’m thinking about how escaping Death often changes a person’s perspective on Life.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • This happened when I was a teenager. I’ve talked to others that have had “close calls” with death. A friend and I call it the “9 lives theory”. We both have had more than one “close call”, so close we djdn’t understand how we survived and wondered if we’d really died but our life may have simply kept going only it was just detoured into a different plane or reality. I’ve had three that I’ve mused about. And perhaps each, as you say, may have just caused three new and different perspectives of life. 🙂

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  2. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Wow, well written, John!! I wonder about so many of our forks in the road . . .
    But there’s just still stuff we gotta do . . .
    Great post!

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