Among the Noise

Posted: April 29, 2015 in free verse, poetry
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All I know is what I’ve done by stumbling
to and fro, up and between, among the noise
and shaken heated air.
Only to land on one wheel far left of center
with silent lips that seldom stay sealed,
and more is always said than what’s first thought about
but still never thought a fool.
With squinted eyes and wrinkled brow,
I sit pondering ….. like Darwin’s dog “speculating on the mind of Newton”
but with no belief in God.
Working hard, flying straight, telling everyone I only do what’s best,
but feeling I’m really doing nothing at all.
Surviving by only doing what’s needed to keep the blood
flowing in my own worn narrowing veins
and providing hot food only for the few I love.
Trying like hell to see the beauty in sunrises, full moons
and animals made of nothing but distant stars or white sailing clouds.
Hoping someday to once again only hear the silence
beyond my always noise filled ears.



  1. I’d rather lose my hearing than my mind… yes? Lose the physical voice rather than my eyesight…Lose my way rather than my curiosity….lose my limbs rather than my spirit… It’s a new day. Good Morning! – Ret

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    • Good afternoon!
      Yes, the mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste or lose, I agree. And I can’t say enough good about eyesight, A big must have!
      But oh what a dull existence without curiosity or spirit.


  2. Excellent poem, J! Great visuals! And I can relate to the emotions and thoughts behind your words.
    I find my silence in nature. A walk at night or sitting on the porch at night when it seems all the world is asleep and it’s SO quiet. A good time to breathe and just soak in.
    There is too much noise in the world. And often too many noisy thoughts in our heads. But, that’s how it goes.
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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