Posted: May 29, 2015 in creative writing

I am not one that comes right out and lays it all on the table. If I tell a story or write a poem, I like to leave a lot to the reader’s imagination. I very seldom add pictures to my post. Would you rather see an image of a beautiful girl with raised eyes, cute little ornery smile, wearing a light blouse with buttons undone exposing just the outline of two supple breasts. Not Just a peek but enough showing that little was left to your imagination. Or would you rather read about it and imagine in your own minds eye, the color of her hair, her eyes and shape and softness of her skin? Have you just now imagined that girl?

Imagination. You can put any face on her that you want. An old girlfriend you reminisce about, the girl next door or just an acquaintance that you speak with on occasion. You can make her opened blouse any color and texture you want. Oh! Wait! I think I’m seeing just an edge of brown nip……

Your mind’s eye is a wonderful thing. And it’s always 20 20.


  1. True. In my mind’s eye, she’s wearing a little demitasse bra and sitting up in the middle of her bed, linens askew, has morning hair and a little smile plays on her face at the recall of the pre-dawn hours with him…
    Good morning, You. Have a great weekend, K?

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    • It is light blue with just a touch of lace, the other half of her matched under things is wrapped loosely among the sheet at the foot of the bed. The sound of his footsteps down the stairs pauses, for just a moment she turns to listen more closely.
      Thanks for planting that, I will have a fine weekend now, you too ?

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  2. AGREED! I tend to write the same way…letting people “fill in the blanks”. 🙂
    My imagination is VERY active and VERY vivid…so, I don’t need photos. 🙂
    I am often disappointed when they make movies of my favorite books…as they rarely cast the right actors/actresses to play the parts…they rarely fit the images that have been in my mind for years.
    I have a dreamy head…during the night and during the day.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • The same with seeing the movie first then reading the book, I can’t get the faces from the movie out of my mind. But there is nothing like reading a well done description if I have to create the image myself. My mind is always adding more to it all the way down to the color of their clothes or shape and age of their hands. Women must have a much more vivid imagination than men, I think they enjoy reading romance novels and erotica as well as the viewing the visual but perhaps appreciate the written much more. But men if presented with the visual picture first can very easily skip over the written description. 🙂

      Thanks and Hugs!!

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  3. All I can see in my minds eye is that smile….. wow… that smile.

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  4. You okay, J?!
    I keep seeing a new post from you and I go, “Yay, I can’t wait to read it!” and when I click on it, it’s gone! 😮
    I understand though…once in a while I post something and then decide to unpost it.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    HAPPY Toots-Day! You can fart all you want today! 😛


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