Of God, Love and Arnold

Posted: June 14, 2015 in free verse, poetry
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You soon run out of poems
if you don’t speak of love or God.
Both mysterious things.
No mystery or awe speaking of hammers and nails
or horses or cats or birds named Arnold
Not all of these things or all birds
just one bird named Arnold
A story much too complicated to discuss here.
Although he does make a very good poem.
But speak of a God named Arnold and ears perk up.
God Arnold is a mysterious heavenly being
Full of love and blessings but with a very bad temper
You don’t piss off God Arnold he’ll drop ya in a New York minute.
Not like other Gods we could write poems about.
Interesting Being,
Books and scrolls could be filled with poems about God Arnold.
Poems that speak of love
and forgiveness before he throws you down a drain pipe
with a garbage disposal at the end.
Centrally located  somewhere in Kansas.
Because, He will drop ya in a New York minute,
For you that are not familiar with New York, that’s very fast.
God Arnold’s love is like that you know.
But he can be bribed
If you let him have all the fun
and you live on bare floors and eat nothing but dry shredded wheat.
Arnold the Bird has a much better life.
And you know, he makes for a much better poem.


  1. First sentence, so true! And this was fun to read out loud…right down to the last sentence! 🙂 Such vivid word pictures in this poem!
    And…it makes me think of certain human-beans who think they are God. 😉
    Yes, Arnold the Bird…much better than God Arnold or even Ah-nold Swarzenoogy (sorry, I can’t spell “Schwarzenegger”! 😉 😛 )
    HUGS!!! 😀


  2. Arnold the bird — I like it ! 😀


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