Posted: June 20, 2015 in poetry, Seasons
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As I write, the Earth is tilting to its greatest angle toward the Sun. Tomorrow there will be 24 hours of sunlight north of and within the Arctic Circle. The Sun will appear to rise and set at its most northern point on the horizon all across the Earth. Although we reference this mystery by watching the Sun, it is not our great star that is moving, tilting, almost wobbling through space, it is us, the Earth, that is speeding around the Sun  approaching this first day of summer.  It is the start of astronomical summer in Earth’s northern hemisphere, winter for its southern occupants. Tomorrow is our summer solstice, first day of summer. And we can only observe it from our point of view from each of our own tiny spots on the Earth. When I’m home, I can watch the sunrise this morning from my north windows.

There are so many scientific facts and phenomenon surrounding summer solstice , it makes my mind wonder more today than any other day, of this longest day of the year. Since the beginning of tribal man there is evidence of celebrations on this day. So I know I am not wondering alone.

Celebrations should be in order this weekend. We, tribal man, should be doing something…tribal it seems. I don’t think a Weber gas grill is appropriate on a day like this. A day like this calls for a fire, a real roaring fire. And if I was on a coast, tonight at dusk, I would at least be taking a long piss in the ocean. But I will have to settle for my backyard, facing the waxing crescent moon.

But if you were the Earth, how would you see this solstice from the Earth’s point of view in space? I can only throw away the bare facts and understand it poetically. That is what poetry is for, to help us understand, understand the wonders of our slightly elliptical orbital existence in this solar system we call home. This yearly summer poem is my attempt to not explain the facts of this day but to only understand them.


  1. iampeacenow says:

    Excellent post. I always have this urge to celebrate in some way but never really do… A few moments sitting in the sun can’t really count. peace always


  2. I remember that summer poem you wrote! 🙂
    Yes, we should all find a way to celebrate the summer solstice! 🙂
    I took a sunset walk to enjoy the “show” and thank the sun for it’s beauty and warmth! 🙂
    ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ HUGS!!!

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    • Yay! I think to learn, know and being aware of the seasons, when they occur, why they affect the planet, what causes them, where to look in the sky to recognize their approach is fundamental for anyone that wants to become one with the Universe and the Earth. Knowing where and when the Sun will rise and where it will set and basking in its warmth during an evening walk is the re-energizing that we receive in the knowing. 🙂 Hugs Moonbeam 🙂

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