Posted: June 21, 2015 in Fathers

There were 5 kids in our family but the oldest two kids were 10 and 12 years older than I, so I hardly knew them until I became an adult. My mom worked as a Registered Nurse.

My Dad did just about everything. Amazingly talented in many fields but he could not stand working for anyone so he was self employed his whole career. We had many ups and downs, life was not easy but he was a very interesting character. His interests ranged from owning a Donkey Baseball Team to building military camps and airfields during WWII. He spent his time while I lived with him hunting, fishing, flying, farming, drinking and occasionally building a new house for someone, in that order. He could throw knifes and stick them where ever he wanted and I saw him throw one within inches of another man, “just as a warning”. He could walk the tight rope, ride two horses at one time with one foot on each and he drank Jack Daniels from a jelly glass, straight, eight ounces at a time. He died without much monetarily but was very wise and had a thousand experiences. But I think he, like a lot of dads, really just wanted to run away and join a circus. But instead, he stuck with us. What more good can you say about a man than that?

Such is the life of John

  1. Such a beautiful tribute, J! Your dad sounds like he was an interesting man…a good man! 🙂
    I often think about the good Dads and how so many of them had/have dreams, but as their children are growing up they put the kids first. I always hope the Dads have time after the kids are grown to explore and soar and follow their own dreams!
    Hope you had a Happy Father’s Day!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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