We the People

Posted: July 4, 2015 in poem, poetry, politics
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Happy 4th of July, Independence Day!
I will be eating a few hot dogs, exploding a couple of bags of fireworks with my Granddaughter this evening and stopping to ponder periodically through the day on the significance of what we are creating here. This country is still being created. What the founding fathers did on this day over two hundred years ago was only planting a seed, one hell of a big seed, but a seed none the less. This country is passed on to each generation. And when we are handed that baton it is up to us to run with it. We should take that responsibility seriously. It is not a game, it is not politics and it is not the one that makes the most money wins. It takes all of us to make this country great.

What we have can be taken from us in a manner of months. Our defense is not against foreign powers. Our defense is not against splinter religious fanatics. What we defend are our ideals. And we should protect them. We should not let our ideals that this country was built on be distorted. Not distorted for political, corporate or personal gain. We are all in this together, United. Even for the smallest minority. In our Republic we do things for all men and let no one be left behind. We are a country that is flexible enough to sacrifice for the good of others not just ourselves. The majority may get the most votes but we can never force our rule if it is unfair for any other man. A lot of times we get that majority rules thing a little mixed up. That’s why we have the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Amendments. If we see that any of these documents start stepping on We the People, we are smart enough to give a little in the argument to be fair to everyone. In our struggles of war and defense of our ideals, the minority and the less fortunate were up there on the front lines and in the production factories in as great or greater force than those that felt they were more. We the people, the ones that remember, know this.

We the People

We the People, we who remember.
We are the pushed, the shaken and the torn.
The good are taken from us,
some taken to lead,
some to do our bidding
some to succeed,
some to die.
We the People, we who remember.
We are the hard-working and the builders,
the unspoken, the wholehearted.
We the tolerant, the patient, the taken advantage of.
Quiet with ideals too hard to express,
We the People, we who remember
the good of every man, of every good cause, of every dream.
We, the Children of the Mother of Exiles,
the mother who stands with silent lips.

DSS Posted 7/4/2011

  1. Yes, we the people! What a wonderful, poignant post and poem, J! It brought tears to my eyes.
    I hope you had a happy, safe, and good-memory-making 4th!
    I did!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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