Just a Few Words

Posted: July 9, 2015 in poem, poetry
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Finding the phrase
the few right words that sing
that tell the tale
to explain everything
answers the question
brings bright light from the dark
that heals the wound
of the thoughtless remark
Just a few words
that have never been said
just the right words
that have never been read
Words to be found
that will make right from wrong
Just a few words
that turn sentence to song
if phrase be silent
no words pressed to a page
look to my eyes
Watch the Shakespearean stage.


  1. Beautiful, J! Yes!
    Those few words said with love and compassion can be life changing and life saving.
    I always wonder how many people, especially children, wait for those positive words. And when the positive words are backed up by love shining in the eyes, yes. 🙂
    I fell in love with Shakespeare as a freshman in high school. From his words I learned about life, death, love, hate, sorrow, joy…etc. In several of his characters I found myself.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • It takes so few words to make up for so many wrong things said and even if nothing is said by just looking into each others eyes you can see true.
      So much truth is spoken by Shakespeare, I love his poetry, His plays not so much but he is the father of our literature and the complexity all English writers strive for. Thanks C the Rose!

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    • Have you ordered Harper Lee’s book yet?

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      • I haven’t. I should have done that by now. I’ve been having fun spending money on friends and family! 🙂 (I always forget to get something for me.)

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        • 🙂 Well there is plenty of time to get it. Try to think of yourself just a little more 😀 I’m very anxious to get my hands on a copy.
          Atticus Hugs, Scout!! 🙂

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        • 🙂
          I’ve heard quite a few controversies over it being published, and about its contents. I’m a bit conflicted on whether to read it or not.

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        • Me too, but i think it is publisher hype perhaps. And I heard that the characters that we’ve grown to respect and love from TKAM are less mature in their thinking and perhaps leaning toward a more traditional southern opinions about race. You couldn’t keep me from reading it, I like the way she wrote in Mockingbird as much as her message. I think she has enough depth (I hope, we only have one other example) to write about or present a character in a different way. There was a lot of symbolism in Mockingbird. It will be interesting to see if she was writing that way earlier. I can’t wait! 🙂

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        • Let me know what you think of it! Please?!

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  2. I really dig this piece- fantastic !

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  3. iampeacenow says:

    Sometimes that is all we need… Just those few words. Well said! Peace always


  4. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Just beautiful – so well written!!

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