No Better Than a Great Airplane

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Quotes
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Hemingway wrote,  “You love a lot of things if you live around them, but there isn’t any woman and there isn’t any horse, nor any before nor any after, that is as lovely as a great airplane, and men who love them are faithful to them even though they leave them for others.”

London during World War II, August 1944
Collier’s Weekly article titled “London Fights the Robots”.

  1. hundreds of lovely women, lovely winged creatures, too…but metal or madness, only one “speaks” to you..seize THAT one…and feel the flight…every.bit.of.her.

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    • What you say is very poetic, beautiful really. I will take the flesh before the metal. My trouble is, I want both, the flesh and the metal.

      The interesting part of that quote…”faithful to them even though they leave them for others.”
      Hemingway could rationalize, as many men do, that we can leave for others and still be faithful….


      • we all rationalize to find our peace, to fly. Most of us just don’t admit it much less say it out loud…i have believed in both faithfulness and exploration. The truth is one cannot have both at the same time. And knowing which time is right for which is where the want should come into play– not what do we want to have, to take, to possess…but what do we want to feel, to learn, to know….

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  2. Great quote! I love reading Ernest! 🙂
    I imagine “she” was the great love of many men…the one that remained loyal and trustworthy!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. 🙂 A great choice of Hemingway quotes. 🙂

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