Sleep Eludes Me

Posted: August 28, 2015 in poem, poet, poetry
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such an elusive thing,
the body’s reprieve,
the time to regenerate.
The mind
sleeping but wide awake.
Nothing else to do
but mind wander.
No legs to move,
arms to frail
or words to speak.
So the brain is bored
and makes dreams
never written.


  1. I hope you get some rest– I hate when I can’t sleep.

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  2. iampeacenow says:

    Such a pain when you can’t sleep… But I often welcome dreams. They make me curious abut their meanings or nonsense. peace always

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  3. Aw. 😦 🐑 I’m sorry you’ve been 🐑 having trouble sleeping. 🐑 Your poem expressed it well.
    I’m a good sleeper once I’m asleep…it’s the getting to sleep that is a problem for me. 🐑
    🐑 Warm milk, sex, dark, quiet, cool room, sex, 🐑 warm bath, sex, count backwards, sex, soft music, 🐑 watch a horror movie (no, wait! don’t do that!), 🐑 boring book, sex, call me and 🐑 let me yammer on (I’ve put people to sleep before while I’m talking! 😮 )… ETC! 🐑
    🐑 Well, maybe one of those things will help you get to sleep tonight! 😉
    🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑
    Count-Sheep-HUGS!!! 😛

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  4. HA! Sorry those little sheep don’t show up very well! Darn sheep! 😀 Where’s Bo Peep when we need her?!?! 😛

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