Mystic Chords of Memory

Posted: October 1, 2015 in poet, poetry
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Again we are told Where.
The invisible where.
Searching for the mystic chords of memory
we were told binds us to the graves
of the brave, young and the innocent.
These thin chords made only of the light strings
of loud sounds and trailing smoke.
So easily absorbed, so quickly dispersed among the mist.
Chords so soon broken and forgotten.
Nothing done.
And still not touched
by the better angels of our nature.

* Italics, two phrases from A. Lincoln inaugural speech.
Afraid we have no binding memory or better angels, Abe.

  1. Wonderful poem, “E”! So applicable to today. And how cool to incorporate some of Lincoln’s words in it! A very creative way to write a poem!
    Your poems always ignite my emotions and give me things to think about.
    HUGS and TGIF!!! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Carolyn! There are so many beautiful phrases, just wonderful combinations of a few short words used once and never repeated again from speeches and letters of great men from our past and present. You wonder if they were commonly used sayings at the time or did they just piece them together naturally as they wrote or spoke. And many were simply the way they spoke back then or words from a church song or Whitman poem. They had no speech writers, but where in the hell did “the mystic chords of memory” come from? Better angels of our nature? Probably harp chords of music that remind us of the dead or past that we shouldn’t forget.

      My poem challenges that notion, and Lincoln knew it, we really forget quickly and are only reminded of the dead, the brave. the innocent when it happens again. Like yesterday’s mass killings, they happen, we forget, do nothing about it and then they happen again. Some “mystic chord of memory” and there is certainly no “better angels of our nature”.

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  2. iampeacenow says:

    So wonderfully written. peace to you

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