Laying Brick

Posted: October 16, 2015 in poem, poet, poetry
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I have followed the bricklayers
as they butter each brick and set it square
behind a tight strung string.
I’ve mixed their mud and served them bricks
I know their rhythm and the dance.
Not too dry, not too thin.
You can tell by the look they give the mortar board
each bucket you tote and pour.
You learn the stare of their square and level eye.
I’ve been their short order cook.
Learned their recipes of color, water, mix and sand.
Mixing each batch in the open sun.
Keeping up with the layers’ trowels
and struck smooth seams.
Building facades and everlasting walls.


  1. “butter each brick”…love that phrase! And the comparison of brick laying to a cook creating a dish is great! And I like thinking about the rhythm and the dance of laying the bricks!
    Always been fascinated with the fact that with a bunch of bricks and some mortar we can create something beautiful and useful. 🙂
    But, I, also, find analogy here to life and love and when it comes to relationships…sometimes walls are not a good thing. 😦
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • One of my first outside jobs at 12 or 13 , I mixed mortar and carried it and bricks to two brothers that were the main bricklayers in our town. At the time , that’s what most bricklayers called it “buttering the brick” when they troweled mortar onto a brick before it was placed. The mortar has to be mixed just at the right consistency for it to adhere to the brick. They were very particular about how the mortar was mixed. I’d helped my old man in construction a lot before this so I knew the ropes. They were very impressed that a kid my age knew how to mix mortar. Feeding bricks and mortar to two experienced bricklayers was hard to do for a grown man but I was able to keep with them, there was a rhythm to it. They worked my ass off on that job, that’s when I decided to get into electronics. 🙂 Auggy and Clarence Cooper were their names, I learned a lot from ’em! 🙂 Glad you liked the poem, there are a lot of analogies in that poem that I’ve thought and grinned about for a long time. 😀

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