Posted: October 18, 2015 in poems, poet, poetry
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How do we measure a person?
Do we use a scale and yardstick
Do we use the clothes that they wear
The cowboy hat , the cowboy boots
The hard hat and the steel toed shoes
Are they a want-a-be or do they climb from their clothes
after a hard day’s work
Do they push the weak or the serious?
Do they discount what they see or stereotype
How do we measure a person?
Why do we measure a person?
Do we add the length or speed of their car to their height
Does their knowledge add or subtract from their weight
Does their height or their weight subtract from their knowledge
How do we know without knowing them
Who says we want to know them
Who says we need to know them
Does it take a yardstick to measure shallow water
Does it take a lot of knowledge to measure a shallow soul.


  1. Great poem that evokes much thought! Important thought! (Not goofy-thought, like most of MY thinking is! 😉 😛 )
    I don’t have answers for your questions…partly because I am not good at measuring or math! 😉 HA! 😀
    Sadly, I don’t think it takes a lot of knowledge to measure a shallow soul…they kinda’ do the measuring for us by their actions, words, etc. We can often measure them with our hearts.
    I have tried to live a life where I only measure and evaluate myself…seeing where I need to improve and grow, seeing who I can learn from by keeping an open mind and open heart, seeing the forgiveness I need to seek, etc., and so on and so forth.
    I try to surround myself with sincere positive people, but then I, also, hang with shallow negative people as they need friends to love them, too. I have a friend who is like that and most people end up leaving her and rejecting her…I have hung in long enough to see her heart and so I am her friend now going on 20 years. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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