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Posted: October 27, 2015 in creative writing

At every home we have established, Marcia and I have unexpectedly answered the door for a nocturnal animal. At every home we have heard a commotion at the back or front door and on checking what was going on out there have been greeted by an opossum.

Detroit was an exception, we were greeted there by what we think was a opossum sized wood chuck. It looked like a small beaver but without the flat tail. I can’t explain it. It could be karma, it could be Fung Shei, hell it could be nothing but magic, we don’t know. Our opossum at our present home was a couple years ago. We first noticed footprints at the grease catcher on our Weber grill, then a few nights later a commotion at the back door.

Opossums are strange critters and stumbling upon one is similar to coming across a snake. It scares the heck out of you at first but then you get yourself composed and under control and you try to be scientific about the thing. It’s a tossup who will faint first, you or the opossum. I am always too shaken to think about taking a picture. I think they have beady eyes, pointy teeth and pale pinkish gums.

The first one we came across in Iowa “played opossum” and it freaked me out! I slid him off of the 10′ high back deck with a broom. They’ve been retaliating for that every since. In Michigan they sent a surrogate with a more local flavor just to spook us even more, just to let us know that they were watching and in complete control.

I’m glad our visit from them at our present home is over. We always have a gnawing feeling in our stomach at every night bump until the event finally happens. We can’t explain it and we have never shared this with anyone. But every state we have lived in! Beware, the beasties are more organized than you can imagine.. they’re watching.

Wish I had a good picture, but there are no good pictures of opossums.

OCTotem_Staring 8_8_8

  1. slmret says:

    Hahaha — when I first moved here, 23 years ago, much of the housing that now exists was being built or yet to be built. We had a lot of animals wandering through the complex. Several times, I looked out the back window and found opossums trundling along the top of a 6-foot fence across my back yard! I can relate to the surprise when you first see them!!!

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  2. yes– they are homely animals, for sure.


  3. HA! Love this! 😛 And I love hearing about the opossums who have visited you! 😀
    “it could be Fung Shei”…I’m laughing my donkey off! 😛
    Maybe there are signs on your abodes that ONLY opossums can read saying, “Stop here and freak out the human-beans!” 😀
    In the places I’ve lived, I’ve been visited by squirrels, prairie dogs, bats, owls, ravens, (other birds), reptiles of ALL sorts, spiders of ALL sorts, bunnies, toad/frogs, javelina, coyotes, kangaroo rats, bears, deer, elk, skunks, ETC! I find some of these visitors cool. Others, not so cool! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Wow! you have had quite the menagerie visit you. But do they knock on the door? My visitors always knock or bumps or kicks at the door, I’m not really sure. But we just think it is someone (human) knocking, we open the door and there he is just looking at us with those beady little eyes. The first one to come by, I said “holly shit!!” real loud and the poor guy fainted right there in front of me. An opossum playing “possum” on my deck. It ain’t pretty! He did not move a muscle as I swept him off the edge, he hit the ground and just laid there. He eventually “woke up” and scurried away sort of looking back at me and grunting. I knew what I did was wrong and felt bad that I didn’t treat him right. He was just wanting to visit and I kicked his ass off the deck. I was gruel and now we are paying for it. On August 8th 2008 one came to the edge of our yard under our pear tree and just stared at us all afternoon. On 8/8/8!! It is weird, Caroline! I have added an enlarged picture of him that you can see him in the distance, just staring….. 8/

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      • Ha! On the 8/8/8 opossum creeping you out! 😮 I can laugh, I’ve never been stalked by an opossum before!
        When I’ve lived rural I’ve had all of the animals I listed, and more. Sometimes they are right on the porch or the door step! None have ever knocked. 🙂
        When I’ve lived in big cities I’ve mostly seen rats and flying rats (pigeons)! 😛

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        • I love watching animals as they come through the yard. It is a very soothing and relaxing watching them graze and nibble on all the different varieties of weeds and grass.Did I mention that the Opossum in the picture sat there all afternoon watching us without taking his eyes off of our back door? They are nocturnal, what with that? With our history with Opossums, that FReaked me out, man!!

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        • HA! He DID look freaky just sitting there staring! 😮
          HUGS!!! 🙂

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