My Totem Animal

Posted: October 27, 2015 in creative writing

It seems that my immediate family will not drop the notion of Totems. There have been offline discussions on the subject. Many animals have been suggested as appropriate Totems for me. In short, the opossum has been dismissed by my family and found unworthy of my Totemage.

Image result for pogo cartoon

Because I am the only one that has accepted the notion that the opossum is my totem animal, I make this declaration. Although I have disdain and mistrust for it, I feel I must honor the beast. Since I am the only one to honor this miserable marsupial, I declare today that in all future posts and comments to my blog, opossum will be spelled “opossum” not “possum”. Any further references without the “O” will be rightly noted as misspelled.

It’s not me, The Great Opossum has spoken. OC

  1. Take that totem and make it yours.. .Have you read any of the Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean M. Auel? The use of totems in the book (based on historical tribal culture studies) is very strong.

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  2. I think The Opossum is a wonderful choice!
    Opossums are gentle and placid…they prefer to avoid all confrontations and wish to be left alone…they are adaptable…excellent tree climbers…and they can “play possum”! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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