It is Good to Be Good

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Everyday Life

  • (Since OC has emerged once again and we never know how long he will stay. I thought I would repost his last entry before he left back in May of 2009. He was posting this due to the announcement that Astronaut Mike Good was on the crew of a Shuttle flight to repair and upgrade the Hubble Telescope. OC has had an interesting life. This account of meeting Mike, is from a time that OC was asked to cover the GlobalFlyer Nonstop Around the World Event of Steve Fossett in Salina, Kansas for a local newspaper back in February of 2005.)

    May 16,2009 – It’s good to be Good and you are in space. The space shuttle Atlantis launched to space this week to do major repairs and upgrades to the Hubble Telescope. Astronaut Mike Good is on the team to accomplish this.


    This is a picture I took of Astronauts Mike Good and Kenneth Cockrell on Feb. 28, 2005 in Salina, KS at the GlobalFlyer Nonstop Around the World Event.  Cockrell wanted a picture of them witnessing the launch. They had no camera so I shot this and others and e-mailed them the pictures. You can see the GlobalFlyer in the background. We chatted for about an hour waiting for Fossett to launch. Mike is the taller gentleman on the right. At the time, Cockrell had flown many space shuttle missions and was then a NASA instructor. Good was training but had not yet been assigned the current Atlantis flight. They arrived in Salina in one of NASA’s T-38 aircraft. The gentleman on the left was a reporter the just happened to step into the shot.

    I have been watching and glad to read that Mike was finally assigned a flight. I didn’t know until this launch that he would be aboard. Yesterday he was one of the space walkers replacing equipment on the Hubble Telescope.

    God’s speed Mike Good and congratulations on your accomplishment. Can’t say that you are without a camera now!


    ( OC, if he sticks around a little longer, may allow me to add more about the few days hanging with Steve Fossett and Richard Branson during the 2005 event.   John )

  1. Cool, OC!
    (I hope he lets you do that!!! I’d love to hear about those days!)
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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