Muddled Mind

Posted: December 10, 2015 in poem, poems, poet, poetry
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Deep inside of this muddled mind
you won’t see scenes of life left far behind.
Of young coy beauty and glimpse of pink
The deep cool wells from which we drank.
From rolling meadows turned to concrete slabs
forgot so quickly just what we had.
Evening walks hand in hand
to cold winter winds that froze our land.
The years have passed, months long forgot
the taste of thighs and fingers scent is lost.
Deep within this mind not there
the lips the breasts the sweeping hair,
Shimmering skin beneath soft pink of lace,
Wide dark eyes, your chiseled face.
All long forgot and never thought
the love the joy your presence brought.
You never ever cross my mind
Our years of months we have left behind
Oh to you I promise this
Not a day has passed that I have missed
The taste and breath of our last kiss.


  1. One of your most thoughtful, visual posts. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The word pics and emotions in this poem are vivid! We can all relate to it!
    Hmm…when I read this, someone from my past came to mind. Hadn’t thought about him in awhile.
    (I noticed DSS wrote this poem. Is OC still around?!)
    HollyJollyChristmas HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Please protect your chestnuts around open fires! 😮 😛

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    • It is funny how memory can lay dormant, and we think lost, for so long but the smallest spark can bring it back so vividly. I believe the best and the most painful memories are thought about subconsciously much more than we realize.

      [ I’m still here, Caroline. Just sitting around scratching my chestnuts around a warm open fire. 😀 Butt being very careful. lol …how does that song go? Or is it – cracking my chestnuts around an open fire – ? hahahaha! Xmas Chestnut Hugs!! 🙂 ]

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes. Amazing how fast the sensory memories can hit…sight, sound, touch, smells, etc.
        (Ha! Oh good! 😛 Ha! I think the song is about chestnuts getting roasted on an open fire! 😮 Remember to use your chestnuts for good and not for evil! 😉 😀 )

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