The Least Light

Posted: December 20, 2015 in change, creative writing, free verse, Life, poetry, politics, science, Seasons, story, writing
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December 21st 10:49  PM, really? 10:49? I think just knowing the date is enough. We’re not exactly making an appointment to meet the cable guy. But the 21st does have significance on Monday, as it does on about the same day each year.  You probably already know but E is always the one that has to bring it up, as he did in spring, summer and fall. Now it’s my turn. Monday is the first day of winter.

You say “Whooppie!! or “Awwwwww OOoooooH!” or probably more likely, ” who gives a frick!”. It is easy for us to say this, we in the 21st century. But go back a few hundred years and it was a different story.

Our dumb ass ancestors actually thought that there was a possibility that the Sun would just keep heading south until it would get so far away that it wouldn’t return and the dumb bastards would be left with no light and warmth at all. That is, until the great God, Whoever The Hell, allowed it to come back again. In the mean time they knew they’d have to kiss the ass of their holy priests to intervene for them to convince God, Whoever The Hell, to allow it to shine again. They believed the same thing about the moon, the migrating animals and the big fish in the sea. Kiss the ass of the priests and they’d convince God, Whoever The Hell, to let them all return. You name it, the crops, the rains, the animals, the ice, what ever their lives depended on, they had a priest or superstition that covered it.

They had to go through the priests because our great, great, great, great, great, etc. ….  grandfathers 20 times removed knew for themselves that they understood nothing as complicated as God, Whoever The Hell. And surely only a priest could talk to him. You know, it was very similar to the assholes in this century that start out their logic with the expression “I’m no scientist but …….. “, “I’m no doctor but …..” or “I’m no whatever butt”. Back at the dawn of man, it was “I’m no priest but I know it’s true, I have to give away my bear skins to the priest or the Sun ain’t coming back”.

And that’s pretty much what a lot of men today still believe. They think it has to be magical, life that is. It’s all frickin’ magic. They can be presented with scientific facts but they still don’t believe it. It isn’t magical enough to be true. When the facts started coming in about how the solar system really worked, the mystics didn’t want to believe it, no matter what religion they believed in. It took years for the mystics to accept it. They didn’t want the magic to end.

Well, I’m just a common man living out here in the middle of nowhere and I can assure you that tomorrow, sometime in your AM or PM, the earth will start tilting back into the other direction and the sun will be shining a little longer on the earth each day for about the next 6 months. The scientists have convinced me. You can bet your bear skins on it. Now don’t get me wrong, we’ll have more sunlight but they are telling me the weather may be a little different. And it isn’t being caused and won’t be stopped by magic.

Hope you have a nice winter.



(Of course, all of this is true only if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.     E.)




  1. Ems says:

    Excellent, thank you for the smile 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OC! Yay! How you doing, OC?!
    Love this post! I learned…some stuff I didn’t know. I laughed…my socks off. And I just generally found this informative and fun.
    Happy First Day of Winter to you and yours!
    LetItSnow HUGS!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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